3 Ways to Quickly Sell a Home

Quickly Sell a Home

In the US, around 5 to 6 million existing houses get sold each year.

Those figures prove that homeownership is still important to many Americans. As such, if you have a home you want to sell, it would likely attract a few buyers, too.

However, it can take weeks, even months, before you can finalize the sale, depending on the methods you use.

Don’t worry, though, as this guide will show you how to quickly sell a home, so be sure to read on.

1. Sell Your Home in an As-Is Condition

Did you know that experts have identified more than 1,000 types of molds in US homes? Many of these microorganisms, in turn, grow indoors due to excessive moisture. In many cases, plumbing and roofing leaks are behind such problems. 

As such, many existing homes in the US have apparent mold or moisture damage. Unfortunately, correcting these problems can take days, even weeks. So, if you need to repair such issues, you can expect a considerable delay in the sale of your home.

For those reasons, one of the best ways on how to sell your home fast is to sell it as is. This means selling your home in its current condition. You don’t have to repair it, nor do you have to improve it.

What’s more, the folks at URB Chicago say that the closing process may take only seven days if you go with this method.

However, selling your home as-is also means you should expect a lower selling price. Still, if the most important thing for you is to get rid of the house in just a few weeks, then this method may be right for you.

2. Work With a Cash Buyer

In the US, flipped houses account for about 5% to 6% of quarterly home sales. The term “flipped” refers to houses bought, rehabilitated, and then sold for profit. Flippers, in turn, are real estate investors who often buy properties for cash.

With that said, a real estate investor is one of your best bets if your primary goal is to sell your house the fastest way. That’s because they’re always on the hunt for as-is properties that they can buy for a lower price. So, if you’d rather sell your house without doing any repairs on it, consider working with a flipper.

3. Take Care of the Most Important Repairs

If you want to get a little bit more off of your home’s sale, then be sure to repair structural and electrical damages. These include roof and plumbing leaks, as well as faulty doors, windows, and wall outlets. Get defective appliances, especially the space heater or air conditioner, fixed, too.

Those repairs can prolong your home sale, but only for a few days. Besides, they can help you land a better deal with your house. 

Follow These Golden Tips on How to Quickly Sell a Home

There you have it, your guide on how to quickly sell a home with as little effort as possible. However, keep in mind that while these can help you get rid of your house fast, they won’t help you snag the best price. So, be sure to consider this drawback and take some time exploring your other selling options, too.

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