How to migrate Exchange to Office 365 using EdbMails?

Exchange to Office 365

Office 365 has rapidly evolved in terms of features and usage since its initial release. Moving to the cloud is no longer frowned upon. Businesses make the most of cloud applications because they are thought to be very practical and convenient. With so many benefits available to the users, Office 365 appears to be a perfect choice to simply make the switch. There is no need for employees to be tied to a single PC, and they can access important documents or respond in minutes from their smartphones, even during vacations or holidays. As a result, critical business transactions with customers are saved. Office 365 cloud storage is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and serves as a virtual backup. There are no issues with infrastructure or costly server maintenance when compared to on-premise environments. Upgrades happen instantly and in the background, with the end user barely noticing it. Microsoft ensures up-to-date data security by releasing the most recent updates and security patches. Critical and sensitive data are safeguarded against thefts, malware attacks, ransomware threats, natural disasters, and fire mishaps.

How to migrate Exchange mailboxes to Office 365?

If you have Exchange 2010 or later, you can plan your migration using Microsoft Exchange Deployment Assistant. Options such as cutover migrations allow for direct mailbox migrations but this is only possible with a small number of mailboxes. For native Microsoft migration, one must be well-versed in Powershell scripts. Without a doubt, doing it manually by trial and error allows one to learn the skills. However, without proper experience, it may be time consuming or, worse, result in data loss. Cutover migration is not appropriate for migrations of more than 150 mailboxes. There are no filter options for migrating emails selectively and if a user has recently performed migration, the entire mailbox must be migrated again, which may be inconvenient. Users who want to migrate from older versions of Exchange must first migrate to the most recent versions and then switch over to newer versions thereby scattering data with double hop migration.

EdbMails saves your day and gives you peace of mind

In order to overcome the aforementioned drawbacks of the native method, choose EdbMails software for a tension-free Exchange to Office 365 migration. Users can add sources such as EDB files, Live Exchange and Office 365 mailboxes, and PST files to EdbMails and export / migrate to PST, Exchange server, and Office 365. EdbMails’ high performance, secure, and incremental (no duplicate) migration capabilities make it a recommended tool for your migration needs.

EdbMails Software Key features

  • EdbMails software recovers corrupted EDB files seamlessly.
  • It is a low-cost reliable migration solution.
  • Migrate mailboxes directly from Exchange Server to Office 365.
  • EdbMails Software supports both 32 and 64 bit Windows OS and is compatible with all versions Exchange server.
  • EdbMails offers fast incremental migration with no-duplicate data on the target server.
  • In addition you can migrate Public folders, Archive mailboxes and Shared mailboxes.
  • Filter option to migrate specific data based on data /time, subject, sender and recipients.

EdbMails Exchange Migration Features

1.    Exchange server upgrades and migrations: Upgrade any older version of Exchange to newer version or perform any Exchange to Exchange migration with EdbMails Exchange migration tool. EdbMails handles scenarios such as whole server upgradation, tenant to tenant migration with ease and precision.

2.    Exchange to Office 365 Migration: Migrate all your organizational data from live Exchange server to Office 365 tenant using EdbMails.

3.    Cross forest migration support: Accomplish cross-forest / cross-domain migration in a safe and secure way using EdbMails.

4.    Extensive Language support: EdbMails supports non-English unicode characters and migrates Exchange server data irrespective of all language and special characters.

5.    Migrate without duplicate items: EdbMails supports incremental migration and ensures no duplication of mailbox data in the target servers.

6.    Safe and secure migration: EdbMails ensures that no data is altered at the destination server during the migration operation and the entered credentials are securely encrypted to only accomplish the migration goals.

  1. Automatic mailbox mapping: EdbMails facilitates automatic mailbox mapping feature that helps users to map the mailboxes between source and destination servers..
  2. Free trial Version: EdbMails migration tool offers a free trial version to verify the migration and allows you to test all the features at your convenience.

EdbMails Software Comparison

 FeaturesTrial VersionPaid Version
1Source as EDB, OST, NSF FileYesYes
2Source as Exchange serverYesYes
3Source as Office 365 mailboxesYesYes
4Source as Public folderYesYes
5Secure and safe migrationYesYes
6Item per folder limitations30 items/foldersNo limitations
7Free Personalized demoYesYes

EdbMails a reputed, reasonably priced and reliable Exchange Migration tool

EdbMails is a leading and award-winning Exchange migration solution that supports all types of Exchange migrations including staged, cut-over, and hybrid migration. You do not need to run any complicated Powershell commands manually to execute the migration process. It ensures a stress-free migration operation with no data loss. There is no need to be concerned about server maintenance or security issues when using EdbMails. It is reasonably priced offering upto 75% discount along with free live demo and 24/7 free customer support service.


Exchange to Office 365 migration has become a popular choice among business establishments due to the cloud based and advanced features offered by Microsoft. Office 365 is not only secure but also flexible and portable. Migrating Exchange mailboxes using native methods require extensive knowledge on PowerShell scripts and can even result in data loss if performed without proper experience. EdbMails is a straight-forward solution for all the Exchange migration requirements. One of the plus points of this tool is that it performs a direct migration from Exchange to Office 365 without additional migration hops and even supports legacy Exchange migration. It’s easy to use GUI allows non-technical users to perform the migration saving both time and money.