How Video Game Music Boosts The Vinyl Industry

How Video Game Music Boosts The Vinyl Industry

The video game industry continuously thrives with insurmountable support from a wide range of demographics. However, not only workers and businesses of this niche benefit from its popularity. Surprisingly, even musicians, bands, composers, and record labels, reap humongous profits.

Persona 4, The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy XV, Cuphead, and Chrono Trigger — if you’ve played any of these games, you might have noticed the excellent music dynamics that amplify the gaming experience. Being a fan of these would introduce you to the genius soundtrack.

Such fascination inspired many vinyl releases, and the booming game industry led to massive growth in sales. Although anime vinyl soundtracks help stimulate the vinyl album market, the video game industry has taken over anime in terms of revenue.

Nostalgia Sells

Nowadays, marketing agencies use nostalgia as one of the best ways to appeal to emotion. But in the video game realm, a vast faction has an innate love for retro. Thus, it would be easy to entice the said group with a vinyl album of a classic video game soundtrack, whether it’s a collector’s item or a re-release.

All that a game franchise needs are a catchy opening song, relatable character themes, a refreshing environment motif, and an adrenaline-pumping background during battle to keep the players spellbound. Many years later, people will still buy a compilation of these tracks, especially if it’s official.

The Video Game Industry Is An Up-For-Grabs Opportunity

Unlike other sectors, the video game market is a haven of valuable leads and repeat customers. In other words, it’s an established area of trade beneficial for everyone who utilizes it correctly. Still, not all will succeed by tapping its power, but opportunities are rife for people from the music industry, such as vinyl makers.

As more video games emerge, select music collections will be worthy of having their vinyl release. As soon as a producer correctly identifies a game’s music collection potential, it will surely make its way to different recording shelves on various platforms. Those that are likely to yield cosmic sales would possibly end up on vinyl.

It’s All About Experience

Video gaming is an experience-motivated activity. While a percentage of gamers engage in Free-2-Play, a whopping majority are ready to spend for better entertainment. Moreover, a segment of these prospects has cash for collecting items relevant to their hobby, including buying an OST on vinyl.

While convenience brought us digital music and players, vinyl offers a different kind of adventure. Contemporary doesn’t always mean better for gamers as it is the richness in the experience that counts. Thus, the gaming population won’t cancel retro for anything new, making them possible adopters of classic vinyl.

What Comes With Vinyl

When a gamer commits to using vinyl, they open themselves to the possibility of spending more to sustain this hobby. This includes buying a good record player, cleaning materials, and replacement cartridges. With many gamers obsessing over quality and practicality, they would purchase decent accessories such as the highly recommended Black Diamond replacement styli.

The video game boom opened a wide range of opportunities for music workers. As more people from both industries discover games as a new medium for experimentation, vinyl resurgence will continue in the years to come.