Toyota camry trd review

Hey guys what’s up it’s Dennis here from TechySUMO. In this blog we are going to review Toyota Camry TRD we will have a look at exterior design specifications price of Toyota Camry TRD

If you don’t know what the whole blog is about let me clear it up again: it is a brand new sports head and car from Toyota. But what does it mean? Trd stands for Toyota racing development.

Toyota, this iconic Japanese brand, just launched its new vehicle called Camry TRD in February 2022 at the Chicago Auto Show. Toyota Camry TRD is a mid size Sedan car that comes with lots of features in it.

Now let’s talk about comparison with Honda Accord. All you know is Honda also has a meat range SUV car chord Honda Accord.


Toyota Camry TRD back view

All you know what toyota is all about performance and they wanted to bring us something a little extra special to the Camry platform and what they did was they brought those letters TRD toyota racing development. Now when comparing this vehicle to the competition it’s going to go up against the Honda accord sport with the 2-liter turbo that type r detune motor. of course the Sonata n-line from Hyundai and we can’t forget the kia k5 gt.

But what i want to find out is first of all what is new for 2022 with this vehicle and why i want to show it to you so badly and also is this the vehicle of choice when going for a midsize performance style sedan. Let’s go ahead, let’s check out the 2022 Toyota Camry TRD and find out.

What is new in Toyota Camry TRD


Toyota Camry TRD calvary blue

The biggest reason why I wanted to showcase this car. Toyota Camry TRD is in the new color on it for 2022 calvary blue really fits into at when we were in california for the bz 4x unveil we did the rav4 the revised for 2022 rav4. In this color it looks stunning on this TRD Camry from Toyota.


Toyota Camry TRD best selling car

Now at the front of the business you’re still going to get all the same great lighting that led projector headlight. You have of course your daytime running lamps that were revised. Toyota Camry TRD have these massive fake corner vents. They look good but it would have been nice to maybe put led fog lamps down here. Just to give it that functionality but the cavalry blue is absolutely stunning. 

I still think that from a standpoint of extra aero work this is some of the most aggressive in the business. so you’re gonna get this lower splitter that actually curves around. The side to help channel the air and give us down force coming across the front grill area is very aggressive for a Toyota Camry TRD. That was something that said about 10 years ago, Camrys were looking like refrigerators like where do I put my frozen food? That’s what they look like. 

Toyota Camry TRD front greel

Now they’re looking like this and it’s way more aggressive. you have that course functional grill up top, large massive open grill area in the bottom portion. It splitter that comes all the way across the bottom. now if you’re saying well this car looks like something from fast and the furious, maybe it does. But the great news is all of this arrow has been tested in the wind tunnels and on race tracks to give you extra downforce, which is important for lap times with a low slung hood with the v all calvary blue color. It’s a Toyota badge as we get up onto the hood. I like the simplicity in it. You just have slight body lines; everything just curves to the a-pillars.


Toyota Camry TRD wheel

What I wanted to show you real close up here on the corner is the updated wheels so these are TRD specific wheels. They’re forged so they’re actually less weight so it’s less rotating mass and a good looking wheel. If you’re wondering what the size is, it’s a 19 inch wheel 255 on the width. It should be 235 on the width, 40 series sidewall, still front-wheel drive. 

Toyota Camry TRD red calipers

It would have been cool to see this car with all-wheel drive but you’re going to get the bright red calipers with the different pads to give you better braking and it is sitting on TRD toyota racing development springs all four corners drops the Camry down in ride height. That’s going to increase your handling because it lowers the center of gravity so this is actually the lowest Camry ever to be assembled at a toyota facility. But the flat satin black wheels with the calvary blue and the red caliper, just works for me now as we rise up.

Mirror Caps

Toyota Camry TRD mirror

We’re going to kind of come around and really show the details a little bit more space here, a little bit of stretching room to show the side so on your TRD Camry. Your back mirror caps look clean with your two-tone roof. So you have the calvary blue with your blacked out.

Sunroof & Side sill Extension

Toyota Camry TRD side sill matches

No sunroof available on the Camry TRD that side sill matches what’s going on with the front splitter. So you have the side sill extension with your red striping. A nice little kick up at the back kind of kicks it up and over and then everything goes smoothly towards the rear.

Trunk lid Spoiler

Toyota Camry TRD trunk lid spoiler

It’s crazy, how this color really accentuates the sportiness of the Toyota Camry TRD which sounds crazy to say but here it is you can see it with your eyes coming around at the rear. One thing you’re not going to miss with your eyes is this trunk lid spoiler. Probably one of the most aggressive looking spoilers on a sedan I’ve ever seen but I love it. Let me know what you think you got nice angled end plates. This is a functional, not only design element. But also functional when it comes to aero. You’ve got the air coming off the roof over the rear glass and then it’s going to hit the spoiler and give us that down force.

Toyota Camry TRD back side view

You have blacked out on the badging with the Toyota badge, love the way they work the tail light design and then whoever optioned this one. I’m gonna have to smack their hand why did they option this flat black guard here this kind of kills it. I know it’s to protect the bumper but this is an option so I personally wouldn’t go this route. So I’m gonna zonk that but love the bright red TRD badging remember Toyota racing development.

Toyota Camry TRD logo

This is a TRD not a TRD pro wouldn’t it be nice to think about a TRD pro version of this maybe with a supercharged v6 they’ve done it before who knows. One can wish in a dream right but working your way down you are going to get the cat-back exhaust from TRD.

Exhaust Outlet

Toyota Camry TRD exhaust

One exhaust outlet on each side has a nice round cut look at this diffuser; it looks like it’s off of Toyota’s Lamar winning prototype race car. How aggressive it is and like. I said it’s part of that whole aero package from front to rear. But why don’t we pop the hood because when you’re looking at the competition, this has something that the others don’t let’s go check it out. 


Toyota Camry TRD engine

All right guys we got hip-hop. Did you have a prop rod but you know the other competitors also have proper odds and like I promised you this engine is different from any of the competition. First of all we have the lights on and wanted to show you the elegy led projector headlights with the daytime running lamps. And then what do we have underneath the hood? We have naturally aspirated v6 power now we don’t have the sexiest engine cover but it’s not terrible either so we’re not going to zonk it. 

Toyota Camry TRD engine

If you’re wondering well Dennis, what are these cables for. They’re actually to power the display sign that’s next to the vehicle so just something to point out you’re not going to have this on your Toyota Camry TRD. You’ll notice the air intake here that brings cool air in and if you’re wondering what the heck is this box up top. It’s actually to help not suck water into the air box which is right there. Like I said, comparing this to the sonata end line the kia gt k5 gt the Honda accord sport 2-liter turbo, we have something different.

We have a 3.5 liter v6 301 naturally aspirated horsepower 267 pound-feet of torque. It’s made into an 8-speed automatic transmission 0-60 in about 5.6 seconds top speed 135 miles an hour. The vehicle weighs around 3650 pounds. Now remember with the naturally aspirated horsepower, you’re going to get a more linear torque delivery compared to an accord sport 2-liter turbo or a kia k5 gt or the hyundai sonata n-line. What’s interesting is not only you’re going to get that linear torque delivery, this v6 produces more horsepower so let’s go ahead though.

Toyota Camry TRD Price in USA

Toyota Camry TRD auto trader

I know we’re talking about the competition. You know what the pricing is on those because we featured them here on radius rides. One thing I got to commend Toyota for doing. I thought this vehicle would easily be $40000 and it could be more. It’s gonna blow your mind that this Toyota Camry TRD is $33000. Not many vehicles mid-size can you buy that’s $33000 with all the features. That this has.


Toyota Camry TRD interior

Let’s get to the interior and see what the Toyota Camry TRD brings at the time hey guys we’re inside this 2022 calvary blue.

Door Panel

Toyota Camry TRD door

Let’s see how it stacks up to the door panels. I love the simplicity in the style, just black material soft touch up top with a little bit of silver trim. I would like to see some red stitching on the door panel so that is going to be a zonk and maybe that silver should be red instead of bright silver. No gloss black to speak of door pockets on the tighter side. So maybe a couple bantam bagels and a cup of starbucks coffee to wash it down going from the door panel to the dash. I do like the finishes here this material is great there’s my red stitching which comes only on the TRD soft touch soft touch 

Infotainment System

Toyota Camry TRD ac

You’re updated with an upgraded nine inch infotainment system all touch screen. If you’re wondering, well Dennis where the knobs at auto shows anything that somebody could make a five finger discount and steal it with their hands they take off. So you’re not taking home any souvenirs from the toyota booth at the chicago auto show.


Obviously there’s knobs that would go here but you have your full touchscreen capability. We got our AC controls, it’s not dual climate. That was a way for them to cut costs: start stop button conveniently placed and then guess what you flip this up and you got your 12 volt actually was able to push the button. The screen came on and we got the stereo on right now. We definitely need to take care of that and lower that up but really just kind of crazy how when it comes to being at the auto shows you just never know what’s going to turn on what’s going to turn off but there are all your different icons for the bluetooth your different apps obviously.

AC Controls

Toyota Camry TRD AC Control

We need to be driving to really focus on the rest of it but there you go you got your ac controls this is going to control that eight-speed automatic TRD shift knob with the red stitching. We have a little bit of a twinkle tray that actually opens up to give you more space for twinkles down there five twinkles to be exact two cup holders. You got your different modes and then super soft on this armrest flat black super soft on the armrest open it up. You got two USB c’s located right in the front portion here. You also have the ability to fit 18 more of those bantam bagels in all different flavors.


Toyota Camry TRD seat

Toyota racing development embroidered on the headrest the red the grippy materials soft seats manual adjustment for the passenger. I have electric adjustment as the driver over here. We got the red seat belts an extra five horsepower per belt which gives you that jump on the Hondas.

Steering Wheel

Toyota Camry TRD steering wheel

Once you come over to the business side I want to show you behind the wheel of this Toyota Camry TRD. All right guys we’re in the business side of the Camry TRD. Apart form the topic if you want to check engine light on Toyota Camry, here is the solution you can apply.


Toyota Camry TRD pedals

One of the things that you’re going to get with the Toyota Camry TRD are aluminum pedals for the brake and the throttle nice touch. You have the silver aluminum sill plate there; that’s an option that does not come standard on the TRD.

Seat Control

Toyota Camry TRD seat control

You got all your seat controls with the lower lumbar easy to get to. I’m six feet tall and I think that’s one of the things I love about the Toyota Camry TRD. Plenty of room steering wheel though it’s a little bit of a letdown. I do like the red contrast stitching just like my favorite baseball that was signed by cal ripken.

Meter Indicator

Toyota Camry TRD Meter Indicator

The horn button there’s just something unattractive and unappealing about it. You do have plastic paddles on the back of the steering wheel to go up and down the eight-speed automatic. It is a tilting and telescoping steering wheel and then the gauges. You’re gonna get special LED red light gauge analog speedometer tachometer fuel and coolant and then you have that digital display in the center which you could go through a cornucopia of information. It is nice to be able to have that 4.2 inch digital display and be able to drive down the road or your favorite twisty road but you know What i want to go on throttle. We can’t in this one but until that day if you’re ready I am ready let’s wrap it up.

Wrap it Up

Alright guys, it’s been one exciting time here for the Toyota Camry TRD review. If you want to see a more in-depth review of a Camry TRD, I will leave it at the end of this one. But I’m sure we’ll be getting a nice cavalry blue example to really go through the back seat, the trunk, the on throttle the twisty bits. Let me know what you think about this new color. I’m digging it and let me know if this is the midsize sports sedan that you would want to park in your garage or driveway but until we meet again just like always guys I’ll see you on the next ride.