Buying The Right Car To Suit Your Lifestyle

Buying a car

When it’s time to buying a car, it’s easy to get swept up choosing one that’s cool or has some amazing new features. But is it the right car for your lifestyle? There are things that indicate whether a car is going to be suitable for you, and by following these tips, you can be sure you drive off the forecourt feeling happy about your purchase.

Car buying tips

Check out the cost of car insurance

car insurance

A big mistake that some car owners make is buying a new vehicle, only to find that their insurance has skyrocketed. You’re then stuck with the car and your monthly cost is through the roof. Before you make any purchasing decisions, compare car insurance prices at That way, you can work out exactly how much your insurance will cost, whether you pay annually or monthly, so you can draw up a budget accordingly.

Think about the features you really need

car features

Modern cars come with a lot of features, but which of them do you really need? Make a list of features you may want, such as:

  • Touchscreen panels
  • Bluetooth or phone connections
  • Massage, heated, or cooled seats
  • Parking cameras
  • Boot opening sensors

However, you may want to ask yourself whether you need these features. They can be exciting when you first drive car away, but after a while, you’ll likely take them for granted. It’s worth thinking about how you use your car every day and whether you need all the bells and whistles to make you happy.

Look at new versus used

car look

You may not have bought a used car before, but it can be an excellent way to get more for your money. As long as you follow the advice on buying a used car and do your research, you could potentially save a lot of money when compared to buying a new vehicle. Cars depreciate greatly in value once they’re off the forecourt, so it makes sense to opt for used sometimes, as you don’t take that hit.

Work out whether you’ll be taxed more


Some cars have a higher tax rate than usual. That means that you can potentially be paying more for a lease or to buy, higher insurance, and possibly even the luxury car tax on top. Obviously, this is something you’ll need to budget for, so it’s important to work out a price before you decide to buy. A lot of car buyers are caught out by the extras, so don’t let this happen to you.


Picking the right car means looking at a lot of different factors and deciding which ones are most important. Budget is perhaps one of the biggest restrictions, but you also need to factor in things from the size of your car to the number of passengers you’ll regularly ferry around. While it’s important to choose a car that you love, unless you choose a car that suits your lifestyle, you’ll soon get fed up with it and be looking to replace it. Don’t make that mistake, make sure you get it right the first time.