Tips For Getting Free Instagram Followers Using GetInsta


Followers are the most crucial factor in determining the reach of your Instagram posts and stories. If you’re using Instagram for entertainment purposes only, or your purpose is to earn money by promoting a brand and becoming an Instagram influencer. Whatever your purpose of using Instagram, it is sure that having a huge number of followers is equally important as using relevant hashtags, posting content related to one specific topic.

But, if your Instagram posts are not specific about a particular topic, and you want to get followed for them, you can try the GetInsta app. It gives you free Instagram followers and likes.

free instagram followers

How To Use GetInsta?

First, let’s make it clear that you have to install the GetInsta apk by manually searching on Google as it is not available on the Play Store. Before beginning the installation, go to your phone settings and enable your device to install APKs from unknown sources. Now, download the GetInsta apk on your phone and then install the application from the APKs folder of your file manager. When the app is installed, delete the APK from the file manager and again make the settings change as before the installation.

After this, you have to sign up with your name and email address. When sign-up is done, the application will take you to the rewards section where you can earn free coins daily when you open the GetInsta app. When you sign up using a new email address, you will get 600 coins plus 200 extra coins for the email verification.

When you’ve done with the email address verification, proceed towards the earn coins section. Enter your Instagram username and password. You will see several tasks where you’ll earn coins in the exchange of likes and follows of other Instagram accounts. For each like, you’ll earn 20 coins and for each follow, 100 coins will be credited into your GetInsta account.

You have to do these tasks daily whenever you get free time. Now, when you’ve earned a significant amount of coins, it’s time to get followers. Click on the Get followers option. There you’ll see several deals and plans. These plans are nothing but purchasing the APK and likes from the coins you earned.  Now, choose a suitable plan and click on the proceed button, followers will be credited into your Instagram account.

How GetInsta Is Different From Other Followers Increasing Apps?

There are hundreds of applications available to buy Instagram followers but how GetInsta Is different from all those, let’s see.

In other applications, you have to create a fake Instagram account using which you have to follow the same number of accounts as many followers you want for your real account. But why? These followers of your real account will be fake accounts.

In the GetInsta application, the followers you get will be genuine and you don’t need to create any fake Instagram account for getting free followers. The same process works for likes also.

The second difference is that other apps don’t have moderate followers increment speed, because of this there may be some actions against your Instagram followers app if you misuse. Another benefit from the GetInsta application is that the followers you get won’t decrease at all even though you don’t use this application after increasing followers once only. This is the most powerful plus point of GetInsta.


While trying to increase your followers, please make sure that you should remember your Instagram account password and don’t forget to ensure that your account is public, if it is private, then make it public.