PMP certification cost: exam fee and other expenses

 PMP certification cost is a very important aspect to be taken into consideration by the PMP certification aspirants. Many candidates consider only the certification cost of the exam and training at the time of deciding if they want to pursue this or not. So, being clear about the cost components is very much important so that people can make the right kind of decisions associated with the PMP certification.

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Following are all the cost related components of the PMP certification:

1. The PMP certification cost exam fee: 

PMP will always offer two kinds of pricing for the people in terms of examination fee and examination fees is 555US dollars for the people who are not a member of PMI and on the other hand, the cost will be 405US dollars for all the people who are members of the PMI. This will include exam fee as well as membership fees and the total amount does not change if the people opt for membership or not.

2. The cost of 35 hours of project management training: 

Before appearing into the examination people are required to make certain criteria and the most important criteria are thirty-five contact hours. This is normally ranging from five hundred US dollars to two thousand US dollars depending upon the country in which people are located. This is the classroom training which is required for the people so that they can gain the right kind of skills and can appear into the certification exam perfectly. This training comes with several kinds of advantages for the people as well.

3. The PMP certification cost of preparation time:

This particular cost will be associated with the training course because candidates will be the ones who will be deciding if they want a training course or not. If the people are planning to take the PMP certification in the next 3-4 months then one can spare only 5-6 hours a week to study and pass this examination. The duration of training will always depend upon the dedication level of the people and the amount of professional experience, as well as a background in project management, possessed by them. There are several kinds of students who even clear this exam by following 30-day PMP study tips and all the other hand there are some people who can plan around six months to get ready and clear this particular examination.

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 So, the PMP certification cost will mostly depend upon the type, of course, the people are deciding to take and if the people are interested to choose project education through the online course then cost will be approximately US$900 for the people including things admission fees. On the other hand, if the people are interested to go with the option of PMP certification classroom training then the cost will be near about US$2700 inclusive of examination fees. Hence, the people need to consider the cost element so that they can be great kind of decisions associated with the PMP training New York.