Top 9 Technologies that will Transform Recruitment Process in 2021

Top 9 Technologies that will Transform Recruitment Process in 2021

2021 is a very crucial year for everyone, whether it’s an individual or a company, we have changed our perspective of looking at life, Recruitment practice is an art of stimulating a great talented workforce in various organizations to fit in their job role. generally called game programmers to build video games under the guidance of the development team and will use different types of coding and launch it on different programs.

In recent times, Recruiting activities have undergone vast changes and it’s better to adopt and adjust as per these changes to cope with the increasing demand of the market. Many new creative and interesting ways of recruitment have been developed, which not only interests recruiters but also makes it fun for candidates. In 2021 Recruitment practice will adopt a modern set of recruiting techniques to select and hire talented candidates. Looking back at the earlier stage of the recruitment process watch this web link for top recruiters in Dubai, we see there is a sudden urge to shift recruitment toward AI, RPO, ATS, candidates experience, etc.

These are the top 9 Recruitment techniques in 2021 

1. Artificial Intelligence

AI has made life very easy , it facilitates many functions from shortlisting CVs to setting up questions for interviews, it is an all rounder and is ruling the recruitment field. AI assists and helps recruiters in finalizing a candidate in real quick time. It eliminates repetitive tasks thus saving most of your time , It automates many functions and recruitment of the right candidate can be done efficiently.

It also helps in analyzing old job descriptions to make better and effective JD in the future for upcoming vacancies. It scans candidates’ resumes and reviews them to choose the highest potential candidates. It can eliminate the toughest job of the recruiter. Video game developers use AI for their ease, It eliminates many routine works and makes tasks easier. Companies use AI in various forms like

A.   Chatbots-

This feature of AI facilitates reaching out to candidates , finding suitable candidates , Schedule interviews with them and direct them to the correct job role.This can save recruiter’s time to a great extent.

B.   Sentiments Analysis-

It is used to know whether a statement is positive or negative and helps understand candidates’ experience and their opinion.

2. Virtual Reality

VR is an absolute excitement to go For, IT gives an amazing experience with the whole recruitment process. It is an innovative and attractive way to communicate with your candidates, it showcases your innovative zeal and potential to change the recruitment process. Many companies design special VR headsets to communicate and meet its candidate and experience something mind-blowing that they ever had before.

Most astonishing feature of VR is, it facilitates special interaction with the candidate and you can discuss your idea as if it’s a face to face meeting. It gives an experience like a real life incident.

3. Passive Candidates

Now companies have widened their scope of the search for looking at eligible and good candidates who may not be of the same field but are hardworking and you find potential in them, and believe that they can fit the job role effectively. With time it has become really difficult to find and attract talented candidates to your company, especially in a highly technical field. To overcome this situation companies have shifted to passive candidate hiring. Which means to untap potential candidates who do not consider career change but you can target them and tempt them with various new opportunities like offering high salary or creating interest for the job.

Considering passive works have become hyped in recent times, as it is becoming difficult to trace and appoint good and potential candidates so choosing from the employees who you know is already hard working and considering them for a future and bigger job Role. Attracting top talent through passive candidate selection can be of great help.

4. Applicant Tracking System

ATS is now a new trend and will be trendy through many years to come. Applicant tRacking system shortens the whole process of recruitment and saves a lot of time. It saves you from repetitive work and helps you short candidates under various categories, Not just that it saves candidate data even for future use as well. It has rapidly emerged as a savior for many recruiters and recruiting agencies.  Recruiters get benefitted in many ways like it is an efficient way of tracking records, all records of candidates are lodged in one file so it’s easy to locate. With increasing candidates and they adding their further skills in the database, you need not do anything, click to get info for top recruitment in Dubai to allocate your suitable candidate for any future vacancy.

5. Video Interview

Interview through video calling has proved efficient over time, especially when you have potential candidates across the world and you want to consider them for your company, conducting face to face interview is now an obsolete technique of interviewing, recruiters have now shifted to taking interview through video call, it not only saves time of candidate but it also saves the company from an ineligible candidate who just walks in to try their luck. No one wants to waste their time as well as money just for the first round of interviews. Video interviews have made it trouble-free for both parties.

Screening through  video calling helps conquer geographical constraints and lets you judge their technical skills as well and check how well versed they are with technology.

6. New Interview Techniques

Are you still stuck on the same, repetitive, old question? “Tell me about yourself” then it’s time to get over it. Stop doing that all over again, now everyone knows exactly what a recruiter wants to hear and even if candidates do not understand what they are saying but they can mug it up all. Now the recruitment industry has shifted to this new approach of taking interviews, where they don’t ask this stiff and regular question rather they try to make the candidate more comfortable and then ask questions related to job roles to check if the candidate can genuinely excel in the job or not. Candidate must be an expert in his field but he doesn’t enjoy his work , his knowledge is of no use. So now recruiters have adopted new interview techniques like conducting online career tests, job quiz and personality tests to analyze their personality and job skills.

7. Open Ended Job Description

Now recruiters have started to provide more flexibility to their candidates as well as employees. Many have adopted this new technique of changing the job description and letting the candidate decide what they understand from it. Now recruiting has become more of a creative field than just clerical work. New tactics are being adopted by recruiters like offering work from home where you can sit and relax at your home and enjoy your work, you do not need to visit the office everyday. The idea behind it is to hire skilled employees and give them freedom so they  are more productive. Video game developers prefer this the most, as developing a game is all about coding and for that you need peace of mind and concentrate on your coding skills, which is not possible when you are crowded with unlimited people. You don’t need labour now, companies need assets for them who  are also creative and could contribute in multiple ways.

8.   HR Analytics

This said high-quality system monitoring software can offer in-depth insight into employee performance that HR professionals can use for an objective and data-based feedback This facilitates organisation to identify their great opportunity and help the company award or reward their efficient employee thus motivating other employees to do better and also get rewarded.

9.   Job Audition

Yes attracting top talents in your company is tough, and most of the time even candidates don’t know what they actually like to do, they are put  to work and they just do as their duty but are not really passionate about it so they do not put their creative side in their job, Nut if  a employee really enjoys his work he put his heart and soul into it and innovate something new everyday. And that is what we need now, Job audition is a new technique of testing candidates for various different job roles and checking where they fit perfectly . It might not be easy to convince candidates for a job audition but once they understand its importance and how helpful it could be , they will absolutely love the idea.

Video game developers also do experiments with their work and after many permutations and combinations they stick down to one practice that they enjoy the most.


Recruitment is not like eating a piece of cake , it is more of a like having patience of baking the cake. It’s a long process and recruiter need to keep themselves updated about the new technique in market to cope with the increasing demand and putting suitable candidate at right place. Video game developersare also not alone , designing and coding a game is not one person work, it needs teamwork, they may need to hire various other Video game developers to complete their programming and for that they can simply look in the database and get the correct candidate for the specified job role.

Tools like AI, VTS, VC have made it easy and fun for recruiters, But along with that you should also consider old techniques and a perfect mix of modern and old techniques can help your company find a perfect match. Be creative and choose the right candidate.