How Should A Customer Behave In A Shopping Store?


Whenever we read an article or blog, it’s all about how the stores or retail outlets should treat their customer.

Their employees are taught to follow and apply the phrase, ‘The customer is always right’ and never to question them hence most of the customers go out of their way to make the lives of the retail employees miserable.

Have you in your life ever seen an article or blog on how the customers themselves should behave in a shopping store? Even we as customers would go, ‘huh, what is this crazy person talking about?’

I personally think that one needs to hear both sides of the story to have a better shopping experience. We already know one side concerning the retail store’s behavior with their customers. I am going to share with you the other side of the story, i.e. how the customers should treat the shopping stores.

Tips for behave in store

Pick Up Your Own Mess

Pick Up Your Own Mess

What any person should realize is no one likes to pick up another person’s mess. To clarify the point I am trying to make let us take the example of our house or more specifically our room.

We would never intentionally mess up our room nor would we like anyone else to come into our room and to mess everything thing up by throwing pillows here and there, leaving their dirty laundry on the floor or the shoes on the bed nor would we like to keep on cleaning up after them or taking care of their dirty laundry as if we are their maids.

In the same way, whenever a customer enters a store and starts picking up folded clothes and dropping them randomly here and there that is just disrespectful and wrong.

The stores don’t stop you from picking up clothes, looking at them, or trying them on but once you are through with them, you should either fold them up or place them back on their racks neatly or hang them up.

If all of us as customers do that, the store employees will also have less work to do and they will be in better moods when they interact with us i.e. their customers. So it’s a win-win situation in both cases.

Treat Us With Respect

Treat Us With Respect

Another thing that customers should keep in mind while shopping at a store is to treat its employees with respect. It is that the retail stores and their employees are taught to satisfy the customers and give them excellent customer service but that does not mean that the customers take undue or unfair advantage of this.

One of my friends is an employee at which is an online store that provides you with an online shopping experience like no other.

The store guarantees its products and if for some reason, the customer doesn’t like the product, he can return it no questions asked as long as the reason for return is a valid one.

My friend said once a customer called to return a product after the 7 days replacement guarantee and he was like the shoes I bought from you people simply came apart when I tried them on yesterday and now I want my money back.

No amount of explaining and cajoling could make that hyper customer cool down. My friend, let’s call him Bob, for now, asked the customer to mail the shoes back or bring it to their address, and then he’ll replace them.

When the customer bought the shoes back they looked as if they had been through the mill but because of the commotion the customer was creating and the bad reviews he was posting, daraz team took the shoes back and returned the money.

This was simply ridiculous behavior on the customer’s part. The customers should try not to take advantage of the goodwill of the shopping stores.

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Time Is Money, Don’t Waste It

Time Is Money, Don’t Waste It

No one likes to have their time wasted without any cause. There are customers who after shopping get in line to checkout and then suddenly remember that they forgot to purchase a toothbrush.

So they ask one of the employees to get them one while they stand in line and make the customers behind them as well the checkout employee wait.

This habit really annoys the customers behind them as well as the check-out counter employees. It would be better for everyone if those customers simply left the line with their cart and allowed other people to check out first while they wait for their items to show up.

That would be the sensible thing to do and save everyone’s time all around.

Please Be Patient with Us

Please Be Patient with Us

Sometimes, it happens that while checking out our purchases, something catches our eyes at the cashier’s counter.

We ask the cashier what is this product and the cashier simply nods his head and says, ‘I am sorry sir/madam, I have no idea’ or while we are shopping we see something and we pick it up thinking to ourselves, we will just ask the cashier.

Now that is very frustrating for us as customers. We should try to understand that it is not the cashier’s fault that he doesn’t have an idea. He has been trained simply to bag our purchases.

The sales personnel are whom we need to ask rather than taking out our anger on the poor cashier. If you still need to vent out your anger on someone, catch hold of the higher management.

It is very important to serve customers in a better way. For this purpose, businesses must have to create a customer service culture.

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Overall both the customers and the retail outlets need to treat each other with respect. Giving a little respect to the other person is not that hard and requires very little time and effort. And this makes the shopping experience a very memorable one for both parties; the customer and the seller alike.

Got any questions? Or maybe, have something to add? Please leave a comment below and tell us what you’re thinking. Cheers 🙂