Facebook ads for home service business

You can also seek the help of Facebook advertising agencies to run ads across the entire customer journey for home service businesses. Research shows that Facebook sees over 1.4 billion active users a day. Remember that because people are online and might see your business page doesn’t mean that many people are converting and generating sales. This is why we come to the picture. Here you will get tips for drive more conversions with Facebook ads for home service business.

Tips For Facebook Ads For Home Service Business

Make Sure There’s Volume

First things first, make sure you have traffic volume to the website. The proven data to say which Facebook campaign objective is most frequently deployed can be through conversions.

This is the killer performer, as Facebook has fairly strong algorithms for identifying likely prospects.

Test With Budget-friendly Top Of Funnel Targeting Options

Be careful about choosing your objectives, depending on the length of your customer journey.

There are times when it doesn’t make sense to jump right into the conversion objective.

If you have a piece of quality content, the conversion format can work well for driving top-of-funnel leads.

However, this could be an expensive way to capture that engagement — so do keep an eye out!

Go Creative


A quick option is to remarket folks that have looked at specific products. For home business services, you can target folks that have taken certain conversion actions. Doing so propels them further in the customer journey.

A great option is to target people who added-to-cart but didn’t purchase. You can also connect with individuals who downloaded a white paper but didn’t request a demo.

With plenty of targeting options and placements – the opportunities are endless.

Leverage Audience Insights

audience insights

One can identify audience targeting ideas is to analyse the audience insights from your Facebook page. This doesn’t apply to home business services with ever purchased followers because then the data is flawed.

Leveraging audience insights gives a clear picture of your audience’s demographic makeup and their other interests.

If you want to make this data more useful, you can try narrowing in on different targets to get a sense of profiles.

Pick The Right Objective

right objective

You can also consider multiple testing objectives. Facebook Objective has its established place in the customer journey.

But the truth is different! It’s possible to leverage Facebook Objectives to engage and convert prospects at different parts of the customer journey.

With a little creativity and a few rounds of testing, your Objectives may yield a better cost per acquisition.

Layer Interests or Demographic Targets. For example, If you are in the business of a Food truck based in NYC, then you need to only focus on “food truck nyc“.

Want to zero in and get a winning combination for Facebook ads? Then try combining multiple audiences on Facebook. Doing so lets you zero in on your targets.

Make the most of multiple interests with “Narrow Audience.” Using this feature, you can specify that prospects must fall into all of the interest or demographic targets in order to see your ad.

It’s also possible to layer multiple demographics and interests together. The option to layer interests and/or demographics over your audiences also exists.

Remarketing Engagement

remarketing engagement

So, now you know that Facebook has many different remarketing options – and these are very much available!

Another piece of good news is that Facebook has a reputation for being a fairly inexpensive platform for re-engagement.

How to make it cost-efficient?

Remarketing engagement!

With remarketing, you get back in front of prospects that may never have visited your site. It is perhaps the only opportunity for re-engaging them.

Go For Look-alike Audiences

look a like audiance

The term Look-alike audiences basically used for a group of customers that are similar in their buying terminology. It is one of the most powerful tools on Facebook!

FB has down to an art of look-alike audiences that tend to be some of the top-performing prospecting audiences for my clients.

It’s recommended that you try segmenting out different look-alike audiences.

You can try doing a look-alike of:

  • Your repeat customers
  • Big spenders
  • Highest value customers
  • Sales audience.
  • Qualified leads that didn’t close

Customize Ads

Different placements should have a different set of ads that are customised to generate more traffic and leads. Advertisers can access a host of different placements – including Instagram.

Some of these include:

  • Facebook’s newsfeed
  • Instagram’s news feed
  • Facebook stories
  • Instagram stories
  • Messenger
Facebook ads for home service business

Review Data

Finally, don’t forget to review the data. Facebook advertising agencies keep an eye on your data is a valuable way to ensure your campaigns are performing optimally.

Data helps to influence future decisions for creativity, targeting, bid strategies, and so on. In this reference remember that customer feedback also makes a huge difference.


Remember that if you want to drive more conversions through Facebook ads, you have to try something out of the box.

The option of Facebook advertising agencies just makes the task easier. Try out these tips to see how you can increase conversions! Apart from the topic, you can boost your e-commerce site with Instagram. Here are the 8 Instagram tools to boost e-commerce sales.