5 Reasons You Should Switch To A SIM Card Only Plan

sim card only plans

SIM card only plans are cheaper than traditional pay monthly plans. They also take less time to set up since they don’t require a rigorous contract signing and are more flexible for travel arrangements. Moreover, you don’t need to pay for the handset as you can use the one you already have with the new sim card.

There are numerous reasons to opt for sim only plans. Below are five reasons why sim card only plans are your best bet and why they are cheaper, easier to set up, and more flexible for travel arrangements, especially for those traveling overseas.

Benefits of sim card only plans

1 – Get Rid of Phone Contracts

 Get Rid of Phone Contracts
Micro sim and nano sim preparing for install and setup in smartphone for travel plan concept. Changing the SIM card on smartphone for travel.

Since sim card only plans completely eliminate phone contracts. They’re more flexible and easy to set up. Although you will still need to pass a credit assessment, it’s not as hard as phone contracts included deals. In addition, there are numerous sim card only deals that don’t need a credit check

In fact, some plans offer fully flexible, all personalized options with no contract at all for everyone. Moreover, these plans allow consumers to customize data and talk time and the liberty to change monthly bundles whenever they want at no additional fee.

2 – Sim Card only Plan is Great For Travelers

Sim Card only Plan is Great For Travelers

The travel industry is rapidly adopting the Sim card only plan to make their customers’ experience more convenient.

This plan is excellent for travelers who are not staying in one country for a long time. They can switch between sim cards easily according to their needs, without worrying about roaming charges or data usage. Moreover, it is also beneficial for those traveling abroad who want to make international calls or use data services without paying high roaming fees.

3 – Gives You More Options Than Ever

Gives You More Options Than Ever

With so many sim cards only providers competing for the market share, the consumers are the beneficiaries. They can take advantage of the many options to pick one that truly meets their needs as some providers are more generous on data than others, whereas some focus on talk time.

4 – You’ll Save Money Over Time

You'll Save Money Over Time

Sim only deals are relatively cheaper than getting a contract that includes a phone. The agreement also allows you to sign a 12 month deal with the option to renew instead of the standard 24 months or more contracts that come with phone and sim deals.

Sim card only deals also allow you to continue using your existing best phones, which is a great way to save money. The deals can also allow you to use little-known providers that offer exciting packages meant to boost their customer base. It is of importance to note that most of these smaller companies lease equipment from the larger ones, and as such, the quality and strength of their networks may not significantly vary from that of the larger companies.

Switching to a new SIM card plan doesn’t have to be complicated.

With phone number porting, you can retain your current number when switching from one sim card to another. You only need to ask your current network for a PAC code. The newly introduced text-to-switch has made it even easier to switch; given before, you’d have to call your provider to initiate porting, but now you can just send a message to your provider and wait for their response.