What Jobs Can You Get with a Cloud Computing Course?

What Jobs Can You Get with a Cloud Computing Course?

In the digital era we are living in, cloud computing is considered one of the most in-demand and rapidly growing domains for IT professionals. By 2021, the global cloud market is projected to reach over USD 350 billion. Can you believe that almost 90% of companies across the globe are already on the cloud and the rest are preparing to migrate to the cloud? Almost all organizations spend one-third part of their budget on cloud services. 

As the companies are going through this transformation, there is a growing need for professionals who possess cloud computing skills and are specifically trained and certified for working with the cloud. As there is a massive increase in the number of companies turning towards cloud-based services for their data-centric approach, the IT job market is full of career opportunities for cloud professionals at various positions. Eventually, there is an increase in the number of professionals looking for Cloud computing courses out there in the market.

The cloud computing jobs prevailing in the market range from interns, developers, architects, DevOps Engineers to data scientists and security experts who remain active members of cloud-related work. 

Though there are different job positions in cloud-based jobs, there are some of the skills that are common to all of them. Some of them are database skills; cloud model types and their respective characteristics; knowledge of serverless architectures; migration and autoscaling techniques; cloud migration and deployment techniques; agile and DevOps development methodologies; artificial intelligence and machine learning, etc. 

This article will let you know about different positions in the cloud market, some of the highest-paying ones, and their respective salaries. 

Different Job Roles in Cloud Computing

Today, more and more companies and businesses are adopting Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS), Software as a Service(SaaS), and Platform as a Service(PaaS) according to their requirements, the major reason behind cloud service providers becoming competitive. 

Moreover, with the implementation of AI and ML techniques with the cloud, the top cloud providers have improved their features. This has resulted in great career opportunities and future growth for professionals interested in working with the cloud. Here is the list of top cloud computing roles that you can pursue:

  1. Cloud Consultant

The average annual salary of a cloud consultant ranges between USD 49,738 and USD 72,120.

A cloud consultant typically designs, implements, migrates, or maintains cloud applications, computing systems, or processes. So, as a cloud consultant, your responsibilities may include hardware configuration, software installation, as well as their customization to meet the requirements of the company. Cloud consultants are now required to specialize in vertical markets that include healthcare and finance. 

  1. Cloud Reliability Engineer

The average annual salary of a Cloud Reliability Engineer ranges between USD 64,214 and USD 1,04,965.

A cloud Reliability Engineer is concerned with the availability, performance, incident response, monitoring, among other tasks, of the services and platforms that your company relies on. Such cloud engineers are expected to monitor, maintain, and patch various issues related to the cloud. You must possess the entire cloud computing skillset to become a Cloud Reliability Engineer.

  1. Cloud Security Engineer

The average annual salary of a Cloud Security Engineer ranges between USD 67,918 and USD 1,14,965.

When your company relies on cloud services, it is crucial to maintain the security of the cloud. The most important aspect of cloud services is their security. So, a Cloud Security Engineer plays the most important job role in the team. Typically, a Cloud Security Engineer is responsible for building, maintaining, upgrading, and continuously improving cloud networks and cloud-based systems. So, you have to oversee the operations of secure cloud infrastructure, software, and platforms. You are also required to provide security suggestions on service design, coding, and application development. 

Other responsibilities include risk assessment, threats analysis, and mitigation of risks. To become a cloud security engineer, you must possess excellent coding skills and sound knowledge of different operating systems. 

  1. Cloud Architect

The average annual salary of a Cloud Architect ranges between USD 74,095 and USD 1,32,132. 

With such a huge salary, you would surely wish to become a cloud architect. A Cloud Architect is responsible for transforming the project’s technical requirements into the design and architecture that leads to the final product. Typically, a Cloud Architect bridges the gap between complex business issues and the solutions in the cloud. You are expected to have a sound knowledge of cloud services, cloud storage, and the ways of deploying or migrating a system from scratch. 

Generally, cloud architects are experts in programming and networking.

  1. DevOps Cloud Engineer

The average annual salary of a DevOps Cloud Engineer ranges between USD 66,687 and USD 1,35,845. 

A DevOps Cloud Engineer is typically an expert IT professional with sound knowledge of relevant technologies and various IT sectors. To integrate different cloud-oriented solutions you need to work with other cloud developers. You are also required to handle integrated cloud-based projects and analyze the cloud architecture and the system as well. 

  1. Data Science Engineer

The average annual salary of a Data Science Engineer ranges between USD 69,687 and USD 1,36,240.

This role is all about creating Data Science solutions and analyzing the data traffic for an organization. As a Data Science Engineer, you help in improving the execution strategies to improve the performance of your organization. This is one of the specialized roles that require you to possess skills in data analysis and handling Big Data, along with programming expertise. 

The other job roles that you can get into, with the cloud computing course are Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, Cloud Data Scientist and Head Machine Learning Engineer, and Cloud Security Architect.


You might have now realized that learning cloud technology can open the doors of opportunities in different areas and that too with huge salaries. To make a career in cloud computing, it is recommended that you take up an online training course and go with facilities such as self-paced learning, enterprise-level learning management system, doubt sessions with industry experts, and job assistance. 

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