Trip to Venice Beach with Kids in This Year

Venice Beach with Kids

A trip to Los Angeles is incomplete without visiting two of the city’s most well-known beaches! They are located on the southwest side of LA, near each other, and offer activities and scenery that the entire family may enjoy.

Best Place to Park in Venice Beach

Some of the best parking spots in Venice Beach are:

  1. 2100 Ocean Front Walk, South City Parking Lot (near Venice Canals, Venice Recreation, and Parks/Muscle Beach.
  2. 300 Ocean Front Walk, and North City Parking Lot (End of Rose Ave)
  3. 3100 Washington Boulevard, Venice, California 90291 (between Venice Pier and Washington Square) (By the Venice Pier)

Venice Beach Walking Tours

Venice Beach Walking Tours was founded to reveal the secret stories and salty past of an amazing artist’s community that thrives today. It is the most popular attraction in Los Angeles County, with over 5 million visitors each year. This exclusive Venice sightseeing trip offers a 2-3 hour insider walking tour of the famous Ocean Front Walk to guests from all over the world. Meet the residents, see the street performers, Muscle Beach, and well-known movie locations, and get a taste of what it’s like to be a Venetian.

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Venice Beach at Night

During the day, Venice is crowded, but at night, especially when the fog creeps in off the Adriatic Sea, the city becomes quiet and magical once more. This evening stroll takes you through some of Venice’s hippest nightlife spots, along the open sea, and through some of the city’s most gorgeous structures. Venice is a very safe city, and this evening walk will take place in well-populated neighborhoods.

The nocturnal stroll begins in St. Mark’s Square, runs through the buzzing Dorsoduro area, and passes by the majestic churches of San Polo before returning to St. Mark’s Square in a full loop.

Walking west, emerge into Santa San Moise Street through the broad portico that wraps around the square. Keep going straight to get to Campo Santo Stefano. Continue right until you reach the Fondamenta Zattere Ai Gesuati, moving by the famed Galleria dell’Accademia art museum and crossing the Academy Bridge.

Just before Gelateria Nico, continue on Fondamenta Nani. Take the second bridge, appreciating the exquisite Venetian glass artworks displayed in the windows of Massimo Micheluzzi’s gallery at the bridge’s foot. You can get to the Imagina Café when you turn left on getting to Campo San Barnaba. Another hundred steps behind Imagina are Campo Santa Margherita, one of Venice’s most vibrant nightlife areas.

Continue on Chiesa San Pantalon after exiting the piazza on the opposite side from where you arrived. Carefully make your way to Campo Dei Frari and the Frari church, and then go to the Rialto Bridge, Venice’s most famous bridge and cross over. Upon returning to St. Mark’s Square, you’ll arrive just in time for the first entrance to the Piscina de Freezeria nightclubs.

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Venice Beach Photo Spots

Venice, California, is a photographer’s dream thanks to its colorful personalities, picture-perfect sunsets, and endless sandy beaches.

Venice Sign

The Venice sign is one of Southern California’s most popular photo spots. Use this sign as a backdrop for a group shoot or to give your selfie a dose of street cred. For a more genuine approach, the bustling street corner can serve as the main point.

Venice Skatepark

The Venice Skatepark is one of just a few skate parks on the planet located immediately on the beach. With its various features, such as one snake run, two bowls, and an area for street skating, the possibilities for stunning photos are nearly endless, with a little luck and excellent timing.

Venice Beach Canals

The Venice Beach Canals are a lovely little respite from the madness of Venice Beach. There are several bridges where you can sit and take photos; go while the water level is high for the greatest results, and if you’re lucky, you might even see some ducklings.

Hotel Erwin

The Hotel Erwin’s rooftop bar is the ideal spot for watching the sunset and snapping a few shots of the beach. Although you do not need to make a reservation for the sitting areas around the perimeter, visiting during a popular period may be worthwhile.

The Piece Collective

You’ll find The Piece Collective, a beach bungalow shop, and you can also feast on some beautiful views moving along Abbot Kinney.