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SEO is a powerful solution, and it has been one of the best techniques to draw potential website visitors. But the most significant issue that arises with SEO – is the best and appropriate ways to put it to use. here are tips to drive more organic traffic to your website

Based on stats, an astonishing number of 3.5 billion searches are conducted on a search engine like Google every day. But just 0.78% of the users on Google end up on the second page of their search results. And the topmost outcome on the first page of Google’s search engine results receives about 31.7% CTR on average.

What do these stats indicate?

You must be on the top page of the search engine results to attract genuine visitors. And SEO is vital for doing so. Although, SEO trends and strategies keep on changing and evolving. 

Here, we will explore five main trends that you may utilize to drive more organic traffic to your website.

Tips to Drive Traffic to your Website

EAT & Branded SEO

EAT & Branded SEO

EAT stands for enterprise, authority, and trustworthiness. And it is vital to improving SEO, as whenever search rankings are concerned, Google favors content quality over quantity. 

SEO’s potential future is moving towards brands. SEO currently gives significant attention to brands, authority, and trustworthiness. 

Therefore, website proprietors should strive to build the reputation of their business. 

Put the highest emphasis on this in your existing SEO approach. And to improve brand search inquiries, create more brand awareness. Google claims that it is well aware that it takes EAT critically so, plan accordingly to improve your EAT.

You can try to boost your site’s EAT by releasing your company details online, completing detailed blogger’s biographies, location, information on the creators and levels of the Company, prizes, correct contact numbers, etc.



Influencers build the confidence of their target public over long times, and the ROI could be enormously high if they promote your product or brand. And 89% of businesses think that influence marketing is similar or possibly better than most conventional marketing strategies.

How does marketing influence SEO?

Linkbuilding Activities

Returns are an essential aspect of ranking. You can improve the odds of receiving naturally excellent grade backlinks for the website with influencers.

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Exposure and Commitment of the Brand

Individuals who have built their status as influencers know everything their viewers love or hate. So, the audience also resonates with the content created by the influencer relating to your brand. And this is unique, important, and useful content.

Search engines love viral content. And if an influencer publishes a piece with all its features, it is more likely to rank among the top search results.

Social Media

Of course, viral material generally contributes to generating heaps of social media interaction and recommendation traffic.



At approximately more than 1 billion subscribers, YouTube is currently the 2nd most popular, next to the Google search engine. So, if you have not focused on video content yet, it is high time that you start doing so.

However, how to improve and use video content to help improving SEO?

Start optimizing the title, content, and description of the video channel and videos by heavily using relevant keywords and search phrases.

AI: Artificial Intelligence

AI: Artificial Intelligence

AI also is impacting the digital marketing sector similarly as it is affecting most industrial sectors. AI’s personalization is the key to this influence in advertising and digital marketing.

But how might AI contribute to your SEO initiatives?

The automated systems employed to classify Web page ranking take ages to learn, And it consumes a lot of effort and even more time to formulate a strategy after. Although SEO specialists can contribute, using IA and machine learning can be a crucial differentiator. The deciphering of programs and generation of promising approaches would indeed be significantly more proficient and more robust.

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 Voice search

 Voice search

As per Google, 27% of the world’s people are utilizing cell phones to browse by voice search. In addition, statistics indicate that ever since 2020, over 50% of smartphone users have been engaged in voice search technologies.

Here is one aspect nowadays, most voice search inquiries are pretty long-distance and highly particular. Whenever users utilize voice search, they are seeking specific solutions to specific questions. And these people are far more likely to be converted than the other users during the consideration period. 

As the improvement of the voice search increases, more people choose it over time; the trend is projected to continue in 2021.


SEO is constantly becoming more sophisticated. It is long past when you could merely optimize key terms and meta descriptions. Now you need to consider approximately everything from the voice search to multimedia SEO. Criteria are evolving dramatically, and it is crucial to keep you in the top ranks.

Remember that all the trends mentioned above are considered the following time you adjust the SEO plan. Partnering with Brainvire will enable you to accelerate swiftly and take advantage of a full-scale SEO plan.