Top 3 Types Of Keywords Recommend For Everyone


The traffic on the website is a good thing, and the best thing is when our website always appears on the top page of Google. It seems to be good, but it seems to be the most challenging part when it comes to understanding the entire aspect. Be on the First page of Google need lots of effort and knowledge of SEO. SEO helps in generating the traffic of the website and the role of a keywords. The website is only working if you are using the exact keyword.

For finding the keyword, we can use some tools. These tools make the task easy and save time. You can search the tool on Google by writing the best keyword rank tracking software, and then you will get the best tool. Could you select the one and use it? Therefore, we can say that there is a considerable part of keywords in boosting the rank of our website. That’s why you need to know all the information about the keywords.

Types of Types of keyword

As per the experts, there are different keywords, but mainly three types of keywords have been declared after its core update.

Broad-match keyword

Broad-match keyword

A Broad-match keyword is that kind of keyword which is challenging to attain. If your writing skills are good, then one can easily reach the level of this keyword. The click per rate of these kinds of keywords is high. The best part about using this kind of keyword is Google can easily place you on the top without any restrictions. For example, keyword rank tracking.

It contains lots of aspects that you need to know before using this keyword:

  • Less chance to acquire
  • High difficulty
  • Biggest topic
  • Increase the chances of lacking behind

Short tail keyword

Short tail keyword

The short tail keyword is easy to attain as compared to the broad match keyword. Here you need to check all the aspects related to content. Moreover, sometimes a writer may not achieve the rank due to a lack of keyword knowledge. This keyword can become easily understandable, and one can write the content on it. Most of the experts always suggest attaining the goal of a website through this keyword. For example best keyword rank tracking tool.

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Long-tail keyword

We can say that if you want to be ranked on top of Google within just a few days, then always approach long-tail keywords. It is one of the easiest ways to get the work done with fewer efforts. However, one can become famous in his local area through long-tail keywords. Those who are new in this field can say that this is your first step to start. For example best keyword rank tracking tool provider nearby me

So these are the top 3 types of keywords that you always need to consider before writing the content on a particular topic. However, there are some other types of keyword which is given below:

  • Targeting keyword: In this keyword, the person is directly targeting a particular thing or place. The targeting keyword is the key to become the best competitor in the online market.
  • Market segment keyword: It is associated with the brand or industry. These are termed to target the audience who use to search general information.
  • Defining keyword: These define a specific subject of the audience, and they use a word to define.
  • Product keyword: It refers to a particular brand offering a product. They use a suck kind of keyword as a strategy for defining their product.

How to write content related to the keyword?

How to write content related to the keyword?

After the core update of Google, there are very few people who know about the phrase of writing content. Content writing is that aspect that gives knowledge about a particular thing. There are several rules that everyone needs to know:


If you want to increase the traffic on your website, then it is necessary to write content in a format. The format of content contains four main aspects:

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Keyword density

This is the central aspect of the entire content. The density of a keyword depends on the words. If you are writing content of 300 words, then try to insert the keyword not more than three times. The keyword density must be 2 to 3% in the content.

Insert keyword

For mentioning the keyword in the content, there are some rules that you need to know:

  • Always mention the keyword in the title.
  • In the first two paragraphs of content, try to write the keyword
  • In conclusion, mention keyword

Word limit

The word limit is always set on the topic, keyword, and ranking factor. But if you want to write content as per the Google rules, then the starting word limit of content must be 500 words.


Using complex terms is not valuable for content. It means the content must be able to read by the viewer. Therefore, the score of readability is higher, which makes the content viewer-friendly.

No copied content

If you are writing the content for your website, try to write it with your own opinion. The copied content is not allowed, if you post copied content on your website, then Google may not pass the post, and it can also stop monetizing the website. There are different kinds of tools that tell about the copied content.


So these are the most critical information that everyone needs to know. These types of keywords are used in content according to the niche. Knowing different types of keywords can help you in making a creative marketing plan for your website. When you know all the aspects, use the best keyword rank checker tool to get top rank in your website and connect with the audience. The formation of content is not that much hard if you know all the main things. Through this content, you will get all the knowledge about keywords and content writing.