Things to consider when looking for private office rental in Singapore


Office rental in Singapore is a hot topic. With the increasing globalization and digitalization, it can be challenging for many Singaporeans to find a good office space in Singapore for rentCompetition is increasing too as more and more companies are expanding into Singapore and need a good workplace to conduct their business. Private office rental in Singapore may be one of the better options for small businesses that are just starting out or need a flexible space that can grow with you as your business grows. There are things to consider when looking for private office rental in Singapore, they include;

1. Location

Location will obviously be the first thing to look at when looking for private office rental in Singapore. Where are you planning to do your business? Do you have a preference in the area where you would like to set up shop? If you are looking for an address, for example, if you are looking for a private office rental near Orchard Road, then try searching “private office rental” + “Orchard Road” on Google Maps. You will have a list of locations that currently offer office rental in Singapore and most importantly in areas that are convenient to your target clients or customers.

2. Size

You need to consider the size of the space that your business needs and what works best with your budget. Are you looking for a 10-30 square meter private office? Or maybe even bigger? The size of your private office is also influenced by the kind of work that you do. If you work in finance and your work involves reporting to clients, then a bigger private office might be best for you and your needs.

3. Budget

How much budget do you have in mind when looking for your office rental in Singapore? It all boils down to how much you are willing to pay for a private space. If you are still new at the game, then the first thing that your need to ask yourself is if you can afford to take this risk, or if you will be able to sustain it even if the business does not grow as fast as expected. You can also work out a pay-as-you-go plan similar to what many IT companies offer.

4. Amenities

What amenities does your office space need? It depends on what kind of business you do. If you are a digital business and your main focus is on your technology, then private office rental can be good for you as your business grows. You will not have to worry about how to maintain the furniture or what kind of technology you need to install in the office. Most companies who offer private office rental will give you a list of required specifications such as:

5. Staffing

Who will be working in your private office? How many people will the space accommodate? If you are new at the game, then it would be best if you can get a qualified IT person who has experience in setting up private office rentals and personally overseeing the process of setting up and running the workspace.