What Is Luna Airdrop? Everything You Need to Know

Luna Airdrop

Every crypto investor around the world wants to stake Luna on the Terra platform. Well, the yields received after doing this are incredible at the end of the period. After joining the ecosystem, investors can buy Luna tokens, which they will stake according to particular terms.

When you are staking Luna, the platform gives you a chance to take part in Luna airdrop opportunities weekly. There are many reputable apps that you can use to redeem the airdrops. One advantage of Terra is that they offer their services to their investors easily through different cryptocurrency service providers.

There are a lot of things you might not know about airdrops such as Luna. Luckily, we have provided ample information for you.

Definition of Airdrops

We can say that airdrops are the initiatives used by a type of crypto to create awareness about itself. It does this by sending all the new investors some of the crypto. For people who are staking Luna, the airdrops are given in the form of tokens, which can also be redeemed.

Luna Airdrop

Now that you understand what airdrops are, it is easier to comprehend what a Luna airdrop is. We will put it in simple terms; they are the rewards a person gets after staking Luna on Terra.

Different Types of Luna Airdrops

There are different types of Luna airdrop opportunities that can be awarded to the user.

l  Genesis airdrops – It has only been a few years since the Terra blockchain was created. But within a short while, the platform has gained a lot of popularity. One major contributor to this is the introduction of genesis airdrops. These are simply the rewards given to the new project’s investors to encourage growth.

l  Weekly – These can be explained as the airdrops earned by a person who is investing in Terra only. Well, it is important to realize that these rewards are small. Fortunately, they are awarded frequently. To learn more about this opportunity, you can try these out.

Claiming the Luna Airdrop

The process of claiming a Luna airdrop is very easy. All that is expected from the investor is the delegation or the staking of Luna on Terra. After this, they are rewarded with a Luna airdrop. When an investor stakes, it shows that they have committed themselves to a certain task and project. The commitment is rewarded with airdrops.

The only question might be, how does the investor claim their Luna airdrop? There are a lot of platforms they can use to claim. Some include Terradrops and Terra Smart Stake. Using these kinds of platforms, the staker can track any airdrop meant for them.

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One important thing to do when a person is staking is to track their Luna. With the above article, you now understand where you can do this. Alternatively, you can join social media groups that deal with staking because this is also where you can get updates on any new airdrops. Good luck.