Reasons To Opt For Lifeline Free Phone Program

Lifeline Free Phone Program

If you can’t afford a phone, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) can assist you in obtaining one for free or provide beneficial offers through the lifeline program. The lifeline free phone program is a part of the lifeline program, which provides phone and plans with cellular phones, audio, text, and data to eligible people. The eligibility depends on various factors, including their income level and membership in other federal assistance programs.

Currently, 33 million people in the United States are eligible for the lifeline program. Most are already benefiting from the scheme. You can also reap its advantages by choosing the right service provider. 

The Following are Some Reasons to Opt for the Lifeline Free Phone Program

Chance to Get A Free Phone or Other Offers

The free lifeline phone isn’t a relic from the early days of cellular; the phone itself is one of the main advantages of the program. 

Many service providers offer the latest devices, the specific phone model is subject to change, but you always get a free phone with the latest features.

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Benefit from the Lifeline Free Phone Program Even if You Already Own a Phone

If you have a phone that you want to keep, you will still be eligible to receive additional perks. Service providers will let you keep your phone and reward extra free data when you start the program.

The free lifeline phone services also include extra data each month, with the opportunity to purchase additional data at a modest cost. The data is an add-on to the free plan’s extra minutes and messages.

Helping Those in Need of Phone or Assistance Maintaining a Phone

The lifeline free phone program services help those who require support to function in the digital age, from submitting an email address to contacting 9-1-1 when required. 

While some may not consider having a free lifeline program an advantage, a lifeline free phone is an incredible benefit for many consumers who otherwise would suffer daily.

Super Easy to Apply, Get and Activate a Phone 

You can apply online or via mail. All you need to prove is that you are eligible to be a part of the lifeline program. 

Prove your eligibility for the lifeline program with the following steps:

  • Use documents showing your income is less than 135 percent of the federal poverty threshold. Documents like unemployment benefits statements prove your income.
  • Give documents showing participation in respective federal assistance programs. For example, SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), Medicaid, Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, and Veterans Pension can work. 

If you aren’t a part of the Lifeline program, follow these steps:

Step1: Start your lifeline free phone online application

Step2: Get approved by the National Verifier

Step3: Get your free phone through mail

Call 611 from your phone to activate services.

Easy Access to Lifeline Program During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The FCC has temporarily eliminated the requirement for consumers wanting to qualify for the program based on their income produced on April 29, 2020, and also shortened lifeline service enrollment for consumers residing in rural Tribal areas on June 1, 2020. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the FCC has now extended these temporary waivers until September 30, 2021. Individuals who lost their jobs during the epidemic and are eligible for lifeline assistance can now enroll in the program more easily. 

The Lifeline Program has benefited millions of people who are not able to purchase but need phones or require assistance. Applying is simple, and thanks to the extended COVID lifeline program proving your eligibility is even simpler. 
If you are in need of assistance and are eligible for the lifeline-free phone program, make sure you take advantage of this great scheme.