How To Know When A Tornado Is Coming

How To Know When a Tornado Is Coming

Before disaster strikes, it gives off warning signs. When thunder strikes, it often signals a storm. When it gets cloudy, then you know it might rain. The same applies to a tornado. There are warning signs that signal tornado beckons. These signs should not be taken lightly. Neglecting tornado warning signs could cost you dearly and financially. A tornado can cause serious damage to your home. Restoring your home to its original looks will most likely require hiring an expert who offers disaster restoration services. This is unlike a regular property restoration job for any handy homeowner. 

Knowing the different signs of a tornado is just as important, particularly for those who live in tornado-prone areas. Knowing these signs can be a lifesaver and help prepare for the outcome. More importantly, listen to weather reports before leaving your house. 

So, how do you know a tornado is fast approaching? Here are a few telltale signs

Telltale Signs of a Coming Tornado

Dark, Green Sky

Green-tinted sky or dark clouds are warning signs of a tornado. The green-tinted sky happens when a setting sun meets with a thick cloud made of water droplets and ice particles. It is, however, important to note that dark clouds or a green-tinted sky do not guarantee the development of severe weather like a tornado. But don’t rule out the fact that a storm is inevitable. Do not let your guard down.

Funnel-Shaped Cloud

Funnel-Shaped Cloud

No other warning signs can be any better to describe a tornado. This is by far the most obvious sign. So when you see this sign, find a safe place to stay. 

Debris Cloud

Debris Cloud

This is yet another warning sign of a tornado. When a tornado approaches, it comes with a rotating cloud of dust and debris. This happens when a funnel cloud descends to earth and begins collecting and devouring everything on its path, including dust. 

Any loose item can become a flying missile. So be sure to secure loose objects in your yard to minimize damage to property or harm to anyone in outdoors as the tornado approaches.


Take every necessary safety measure in the event of a tornado. Keep in mind that every tornado is unique and may not display any of these signs. If you find yourself in a situation involving a tornado, then it is expedient to know the right steps to take. Your first line of action is to find shelter. If you have enough time, secure loose items in the yard.

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Tornadoes can be so destructive. It causes millions of dollars worth of property damage annually. Fixing these repairs isn’t as easy as it looks. The restoration job can be complex; hence it is important to act fast. For top-notch service, get professional help from a reputable company that offers disaster restoration services. These experts have what it takes to restore your property and help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible. If you experience tornado damage in your home, get professional help for a swift response.