Which App Development Software Is Winning the Race: Flutter or React Native?

Which Is Better for You Flutter vs. React Native

Creating an application requires a lot of skills and effort. But choosing the right development platform comes first because that determines the outcome of the application. Keep reading this article to know which is a better platform – Flutter or React Native!

Which Is Better for You: Flutter vs. React Native

Users are rapidly shifting from using browser sites to mobile applications. They find it more comfortable to carry a mobile anywhere they want, and the phone apps are more user-friendly and elegant looking than the browser websites. That is why to stay in the competition; every brand requires building their app. While creating a mobile application, the major is choosing the app creation platform out of all other factors. Two such software that is gaining immense popularity are Flutter and React Native. But which one should you go for? Are you confused about the same? If yes, then stay hooked until the end to know the answer from the Fireart Studio experts!

Programming Language


Both the platforms let you use a single coding language to develop apps for multiple devices. React Native allows developers to code using JavaScript. Usually, making frameworks using JavaScript coding is comparatively easier, and hence, the developers do not get a hard time. On the other hand, Flutter uses the Dart language by Google. Dart coding can also be understood easily. However, it is much less popular than Java, and hence, React Native wins in this category!


While picking the right app-creating software, it is always good to find out the app’s details. React Native is a platform that depends on the JavaScript bridge for its overall framework. It takes assistance from JS runtime to interact with other native programming languages. It also uses Facebook’s Flux. In comparison, Flutter relies on the Skia C++ for its build. The Dart framework usually doesn’t require the assistance of other software because it has all that is needed to build robust app architecture. Therefore, Flutter wins here as it is better and stronger!

Installing Method

Easy installation is what every user desires. Developers can easily install React Native using NPM (Node Package Manager). Learning Node Package Manager is easy and takes very little time. Hence, most developers are comfortable with this installation procedure. Installing Flutter comes with various steps that include:

·       Adding the zip file to PATH

·       Downloading it from source code

These additional steps cause a bit of hassle. So, React Native wins here!

Setup and Project Configuration

React Native offers almost no assistance in educating the developers about the configuration process. The Xcode command line tools provide no such minute details, and the new project starts almost immediately. On the other hand, Flutter offers more information on how to set up the project configuration. In addition, they guide the developers about the various tools and systems. So, Flutter is the winner here!

UI and API Settings

To develop an excellent app, the API should be able to interact with the native modules easily. Unfortunately, react Native depends on a lot of outside sources for their API development. It is because they lack the setting that can help in easy UI and API management. However, Flutter is the exact opposite here as it has some brilliant features to help it manage all alone. Therefore, when it comes to UI and API settings, Flutter wins!

Final Verdict

As evident, Flutter wins as per our comparison. Flutter is better in many other aspects as well. For instance, if you want to test your app, Flutter will come with instructions to help you out. On the other hand, react Native lack such facilities. To learn more about the comparison between these two platforms, visit https://fireart.studio/blog/flutter-vs-react-native-what-app-developers-should-know-about-cross-platform-mobile-development/. Also, do let us know which app development software you will choose!