6 Ways To Use Your Throw Blanket

Throw Blanket

The best thing about throw blankets (other than their cozy warmth) is how versatile they are! Not only can you curl up with one on the couch, but you can also use them in other ways around your home, too. For example, have you ever thought of turning it into an eye mask? How about a picnic blanket? Here are six more uses for your throw blanket that will help it last longer!

Methods To Use Blanket

1) As a Mat

Cozy throw blankets are excellent for lounging on a cold winter day. A plush blanket is great at keeping your feet warm while relaxing and watching TV or reading a book. In addition, placing your throw blanket on top of your mattress or on top of your duvet will give you an extra layer of comfort for sleeping.

2) As a Neck Pillow

For those of us who don’t find a traditional pillow comfortable, using your throw blanket as a neck pillow is a great alternative. If you can’t get comfortable lying on your back, pull up an armchair and use your throw blanket as a supportive neck pillow! You might not fall asleep right away like you would with some soft pillows, but if it gets you to sleep at all it’s worth trying.

3) As a Lap Blanket

As a Lap Blanket

When you’re just lounging around on your couch or in bed, a throw blanket can be used as a lap blanket and keep you nice and cozy. Plus, it’s easier than turning down your thermostat for added warmth! Look for small blankets or large scarves that can easily lay across your legs without covering too much of you—that way you can grab them quickly when someone’s not quite warm enough.

4) Under the legs in bed

If you’re a throw blanket owner, there’s a good chance it is an everlasting comfort to you. Perhaps that’s why so many throw blankets are made in bold colors and patterns—there is likely no better way for most people to enliven their home decor than with this multi-purpose piece of art. Use your blanket at night as an extra layer of warmth or as decoration in your bedroom.

5) Carriage Rides

 Carriage Rides

For a romantic evening, take a carriage ride through your town. If you don’t have a horse-drawn carriage available locally, hop on a Segway for a unique version of the same experience. Bring along Champagne and some snacks for an unforgettable night on the town! And if you really want to make it special, book one at sunset so that it ends as stars begin to twinkle in the sky.

6) Softening hard surfaces

The easiest way to use your throw blanket is simply to lay it over any hard surfaces. Car seats, tables, even hardwood floors can be made more comfortable by adding a soft throw blanket. And with these options you’ll never have to worry about getting it dirty! Instead of throwing it into the washer or dryer, which can ruin its soft texture, simply wipe down your plush blanket after use and replace when needed.