Top 4 Crypto Exchanges with Lowest Fees

Crypto Exchanges

When you are looking for a place to swap your coins, you don`t limit yourself to safety only. Fees also matter. It depends on the fees level whether it is profitable for you to swap big volumes of cryptocurrency even if other conditions can be perfectly fine. That`s why we have selected for you some crypto exchanges with lowest fees. Needless to mention that all these platforms comply with other crucial requirements such as safety, convenience, and similar.

When you are choosing a platform to swap crypto, pay special attention to all the features it offers. So, you need to have an opportunity to use all the needed tools to assess the situation in the market correctly. Thus, check whether you can use a live chart, a calculator, and whatever else you might need. 

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LetsExchange is an instant cryptocurrency exchange service. It supports more than 200 coins, among which you can find the rarest ones. Along with the lowest fees, the platform offers a number of significant benefits so much appreciated by its users. One of them is an opportunity to choose between a fixed and a floating rate. So, if you want to ensure that your Safemoon swap price stays the same, choose a fixed rate.

  • The best fees;
  • No registration;
  • Non-custodial services;
  • Easy of use;
  • Fast transactions;
  • An option to select a fixed and a floating rate;
  • Can be used in any part of the world;
  • No upper limits.


Kraken is an established cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform. Kraken is known for being safe and easy to use. But on the platform, you can buy and sell around 40 cryptocurrencies only which is pretty limited for an exchange of such a level. However, with Kraken, you can count on some major benefits among which are the following:

  • Support of swaps in fiat money;
  • Bank cards and bank accounts can be used for depositing funds;
  • High upper limits;
  • The platform is easy to use.


Binance is one of the major exchanges in the world. It supports more than 150 coins, including the rarest ones. The platform is powered by its own token BNB. Binance is one of the biggest decentralized exchanges in the world. 

The main benefits of Binance are:

  • Low fees especially for those users who use BNB;
  • It supports fiat money;
  • It supports deposit with bank accounts and bank cards;
  • Top safety level.


This exchange supports more than 200 coins to be bought and sold. Bittrex is known for its fast execution speed and top safety level. Along with these benefits, users can count on:

  • A very clear fee policy, along with low fees;
  • A smooth and effortless verification procedure;
  • Is available in almost all the countries;
  • High upper limits of swaps. 

Along with these requirements, you might be also interested whether the selected platform provides a wallet, and similar. You can move to every platform and ask their customer support any questions that interest you.