Things You Shouldn’t Ignore for Drinking Right

With the pollution level going haywire, land, air and even water pollution is no more a secret. Even those people who aren’t concerned about these issues are aware of how pollution is harming the water on earth at a breakneck pace.

There used to be a time when clean drinking water was available everywhere; from rivers to simple hand pumps but with factories dumping so much waste in rivers, most of the water sources have become contaminated and now, no one has the stomach to drink water from a free source. 

Although the government is putting in a lot of effort to provide clean drinking water to rural areas by 2024 looking at the current condition, this goal looks like a dream project.  

All this has led to the influx of water purifiers and now, they have become almost ubiquitous in all the houses. Advanced Ro water purifier can filter even the most noxious water and therefore, people trust it without any second thoughts. But are you sure that your RO water purifier is working fine? Does it need any kind of replacement or repair? Let’s find it through this blog post in a detailed manner. 

5 Things you need to do to ensure you’re drinking right

Check the RO membrane

Check the RO membrane

The RO membrane inside a water purifier removes all the dissolved and suspended impurities from the water but even the best RO membrane can easily get clogged within a few months of usage. A clogged RO membrane will be less effective and it will become an arduous task for the clogged RO membrane to keep cleaning the water. 

If water is being expelled slowly from the water purifier and if the pressure is also less then you can be sure that you are using a RO water purifier that is running a clogged RO membrane. In addition to this, even changes in the taste and odor of water can be caused by clogged RO membrane. 

A technician who will visit you after calling Aquagaurd customer care will either clean the RO membrane or replace it, depending on the condition. 

Check TDS (Total dissolved solids)

Check TDS

TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids and it is a simple measure of all the organic and inorganic substances that are dissolved in the water. Some most common organic substances that are inherent to water these days are potassium, calcium, and even magnesium. 

The presence of these organic substances is good for health but too much-dissolved solids can be harmful and this is why an optimally functioning RO membrane maintains an ideal TDS level. However, any fault in the water purifier can lead to a high TDS count. This is where a regular check for TDS count becomes necessary. 

An ideal level of TDS ranges anything between 50-150 ppm but anything above it is not considered safe. You can easily buy a TDS kit and measure the TDS yourself. But if the TDS is above the recommended level then call Hindware customer care to reduce the TDS instead of experimenting. 

Check the pre-filters

To make sure you are drinking 100% clean and pure water, the RO water purifier is equipped with many layers of filter and the water passes through all these layers of filters before reaching your glass. The pre-filter is just another layer of filter that is used for filtering fibers, pollens, dust, and all other unwanted particles from the water. 

In addition to this, the pre-filter also prevents the clogging of the purifier but with usage, the pre-filter can also get clogged, especially if you haven’t called the Godrej customer care for a very long time. 

A pre-filter check is a part of the standard servicing done by a certified technician that visits you after calling Aquagaurd customer care. So, even if you are bogged down with work and don’t have time to check the pre-filters, just a call to the technician will do the job for you. 

Pay attention to the leakages

In case, you notice any kind of leakage or drip, don’t just sweep this issue under the rug. A minor fault in one of the water purifier units can lead to leakage or drip but if it is not addressed at the right time, it can become a serious issue and cost you a lot as well. 

A technician makes a thorough inspection to discern the main reason behind the leakage and once the issue is found, it is fixed on the spot. A simple leakage can act as a springboard for other issues and therefore, it should never be left unaddressed. So call Hindware customer care if you notice any type of leakage as soon as possible. 

Periodically service your RO purifier from a technician

Periodically service your RO purifier from a technician

If you start reading articles related to the water purifier problems then you will notice that most articles are inundated with issues related to water purifiers, just like any other home appliance. And since you are not a water purifier expert, inspecting even simple parts of the water purifier can become an arduous task for you. 

The best solution to this problem will be to periodically service the RO water purifier from a technician so that your water purifier can keep on working in the optimal condition and you don’t have to think about drinking contaminated water again.

Just installing a RO water purifier and thinking that you will keep on enjoying pure water for many years is not the right approach as just like any other home appliance, even your water purifier needs regular service. You can use OneDios for booking branded service as it acts as a one-stop-shop for every type of service needs including that of a water purifier.