Level 2 Electrician: Check Out The Skills Required For Performing Level 2 Duties


Any electrical work that includes a high level of risk or is very typical to be carried out is done by level 2 electricians. For example, any defect notice in the main wiring that connects to the primary connection is performed by a level 2 electrician. The qualification that is required for the level of electricians is very high. They at least need to complete a high school diploma related to their work field for getting a level 2 electrician job in a reputed firm.

They can change any defective wire or switches connecting to the main power supply of the house. Changing part of the generator, house building machinery, or fixing a circuit break could be quickly done by Level 2 Electrician Bondi. Reading commercial electrical blueprints or fixing any problems. They are also fluent in maintaining electricity for commercial or industrial uses that are of exceptionally high scale. They also manage underground or overhead power supply or motor fixations.

Position Where Level 2 Electricians Are Required

Many typical tasks are only performed by level to electricians easily and comfortably. Let us check out some of the primary responsibilities that they manage.

  • Detecting and repairing any fault in electrical controls at the central wiring or the industrial level. Also, controlling and managing programmable logic and industrial motors.
  • Eligibility to read commercial blueprints, decoding them, and solving any default. Installing new panels or new electric services at the connection or in houses for people personally.
  • Inspecting electrical components that are newly installed at powerhouse at great power management places. Also, checking insulators and conductors that are fixed at various places.
  • Inspecting license of electricians in a construction trade program or working in high voltage areas.

Skills And Knowledge Required For A Level 2 Electrician

  • The person thinking of joining a level two electrician must have a high school diploma or GED. In many forms, a 4-year experience to take the responsibility of a level 2 electrician is also required.
  • The person must have a license to work as a level 2 electrician, and a driving license is also mandatory. In addition, the person should not have any criminal record in his previous history before joining the field.
  • CPR and first aid certificates are also necessary for between the six months of joining. These are some of the basic requirements for a level 2 electrician that must be completed.
  • Besides this, a person has to pass some test which is both physical and written. In the physical test, the person must be physically fit and not be diagnosed with any diseases. In a good working condition and should not have issues in any body part. Better stamina, good height, and health are some of the other requirements.
  • The people working in this job have continuous exposure to high electricity, loud noises, hazardous material, and chemical substances, apart from this working in very high temperature with an area filled with smoke, fumes, and dust. Therefore, people who are capable of working in such a condition can only get the job.
  • The job requires a high physical tendency of the person because the task includes lifting heavyweight and e too much physical work. Work such as pushing and pulling objects even heavier than 50 pounds is a routine task for a level 2 electrician.
  • These electricians are exposed to dangerous life risks in materials such as electric wires of high voltage. Therefore, the person needs to cover his body with safety equipment all the time. Carrying that heavy equipment even in the overhead services is also necessary for keeping the safety of the individual. Therefore people who have high physical strength and can deal with such tasks can only perform the job.

Duties Performed By Level 2 Electrician

 Repair And Install Point Of Attachments

 If an electrical connection in your property is damaged or needs to be changed, then level 2 electricians are required. The property could not be changed without cutting the connection with the mainstream. Before solving the issue, it is required to disconnect, and once it is sold, the connection is made again. For all these purposes, it is necessary to call upon a level 2 electrician.

Apart from this, if your e property of the society is going under some changes, such as interior or exterior changes, then also level 2 are required. During the change in property, the whole wiring must also be changed, which could not be carried out by any other electrician. Skilled and professional people only do these hazardous electrical installments.

Vacating Or Moving Into Other House

If you are vacating your present property and moving into another property, then it is required to notify both level 2 electricians and a straightforward electrician. The simple one will take care of your electric bills and inner fittings, whereas level 2 will disconnect the electrical connection of your house from the main wiring. Apart from this they also carry out the task of removing the personal electricity connector from your house.

When you are shifting to a new place, you will require installing all the electric fittings into the house. For this purpose, you will require level 2 to connect your new place with the main electric wiring. Once connecting to the main electric wiring, all the inner connections could be done by a straightforward electrician also. However, a simple electrician who does not have degrees and skills cannot touch the high voltage power supply poles.

Concluding Lines

These are some of the tasks that level electricians perform. Above are also explaining the skills that are required for getting hired as a level 2 electric serviceman. There are many other tasks performed by level 2 people, such as replacing damaged or faulty cables. Several times due to any incident such as a fire in the building or a short circuit, the complete wiring of the house gets damaged. In such a case, a level 2 is required to be hired.