Stationery Supplies

Having the right stationery is essential to performing everyday business activities. It may range from notebooks, pens, diaries, and planners to tapes and bags. Hence, your stationery supplies must meet the quality and utility parameters. The choice of the supplier is essential to purchasing the items at the right time and price and in the correct quantity. Below are some tips for choosing the right stationery supplier.

tips for choosing the right stationery supplier

Using the tender system

The tender system involves the invitation of sealed tenders from stationery suppliers containing tender forms with information on size, number, quality, offer, price, etc. After receiving the tenders, you can choose the supplier giving you the best quote. If you have shortlisted two or three suppliers, you can have the option to negotiate. Using this system, you can ensure that your business has supply throughout the year. 

Getting stationery supplies using a tendering system can save money as the lowest price gets accepted. Moreover, the order gets placed on the basis of consumption, so locking funds is not necessary. Also, this method will help you get high-quality items and prevent the chance of being affected by fraudulent practices. 

A fixed supplier

You can get your stationery supply from one fixed supplier if you have developed a sense of trust. The supplier’s charge is based on selling high-quality products at affordable rates. However, it is okay to occasionally check the prevailing market rates so that you don’t get cheated off for the trust you placed on the supplier. 

You can also find suppliers charging prices lower than the average market rate to entice customers. However, it is best not to make bulk purchases from such suppliers. Instead, you can make smaller purchases to meet some immediate needs. 

Get quotations

You can invite as many quotations from different suppliers according to the stationery requirement of the business. The supplier who gives the best quote is fit for the order. You must evaluate and compare the price statements provided by the supplier before placing the order. You can ask for sample stationery items to better understand all products before placing the orders.

You must also remember that you may choose more than one supplier for placing your order according to the product quality and the price quote. It will assure you to get the best services and quality products from each supplier.

Sales representatives

You can also get your stationery supplies from sales representatives sent by wholesalers or manufacturers. Here, you can see the samples and place an order according to the requirements. However, while purchasing stationery from sales reps, you cannot compare prices and may end up paying a lot more than what is required. 

Sales representatives usually quote a higher price than the average market rate. Hence, make purchases from them only in cases of urgency. 

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Environmental conscious suppliers

You can find many suppliers selling eco-friendly products that adequately meet business needs and are safe for the environment. Recycled plastic and paper products could be an excellent choice for you. However, remember that while the initial cost for such suppliers can be high, the maintenance costs will be reduced significantly. 

Your business requires a steady supply of stationeries for executing everyday operations seamlessly. So, select the best suppliers for your everyday stationery items and maintain efficient workflow and productivity throughout the year.