Comprehensive Guide to Pokemon Go CP Calculator

Comprehensive Guide to Pokemon Go CP Calculator

Combat Power (CP) is a crucial metric in Pokémon Go that determines the strength of your Pokémon. CP is influenced by several factors, including the Pokémon’s level, species, and individual values (IVs). A higher CP means your Pokémon can perform better in battles, making CP calculation essential for competitive play.

How to Calculate CP in Pokémon Go

Basic CP Calculation Formula

The CP of a Pokémon can be calculated using a specific formula that takes into account the base stats (Attack, Defense, and Stamina) of the Pokémon and its level:

  • Base Attack, Defense, and Stamina: Fixed values unique to each Pokémon species.
  • IV Attack, Defense, and Stamina: Individual values ranging from 0 to 15, unique to each Pokémon.
  • CPM (Combat Power Multiplier): A value that scales with the Pokémon’s level.

Levelling Up and CPM

Each level increase boosts a Pokémon’s stats and CP. The CPM varies at each level, typically increasing as the Pokémon levels up. Here’s a diagram showing the relationship between levels and CPM.

Tools for CP Calculation

In-Game CP Calculator

The Pokémon Go app includes an in-game CP calculator that allows you to see the potential CP of a Pokémon at different levels. This tool is particularly useful for planning evolutions and power-ups.

Third-Party CP Calculators

Several third-party apps and websites offer CP calculators with additional features. These tools often provide detailed IV analysis and power-up costs, making them valuable for serious trainers. Some popular options include:

  • Pokémon Go Toolkit: Offers a comprehensive CP and IV calculator.
  • Pokémon Go Hub: Provides detailed stats and CP predictions.

Maximizing Your Pokémon’s Potential

IV Analysis

To maximize your Pokémon’s potential, focus on those with high IVs. IVs significantly impact a Pokémon’s performance in battles. Use third-party tools to identify Pokémon with the best IVs for training and powering up.

Strategic Power-Ups

Powering up Pokémon consumes Stardust and Candy. To use resources efficiently, prioritize powering up Pokémon with high CP and IVs. Consider the meta game and focus on Pokémon that excel in current raid and battle league environments.

Importance of CP in Battles

Gym Battles

In Gym battles, CP directly influences a Pokémon’s ability to hold and defend a Gym. Higher CP Pokémon can better withstand attacks and maintain control of Gyms.

Raid Battles

In Raid battles, high CP Pokémon are essential for dealing maximum damage to Raid Bosses. Coordinate with teammates to assemble a team of high CP Pokémon for successful raids.

PvP (Player vs. Player) Battles

While CP is crucial in PvP battles, strategy and move sets also play significant roles. Balance your team with high CP Pokémon and those with advantageous moves to excel in PvP leagues.


Calculating and understanding CP is vital for success in Pokémon Go. By using in-game tools and third-party calculators, you can optimize your Pokémon’s potential and enhance your gameplay experience. Focus on high IV Pokémon, strategically power up your best candidates, and dominate battles with your powerful Pokémon.