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Amity Park Cheats

What’s up, guys? Welcome back to the TechySUMO. So, as you guys probably noticed from the title alone, yes, this is the guide to the Amity Park Cheats. Now, a lot of people were asking me if I should make a guide on the cheat, you know, showcase them. But, uh, I thought the cheats never changed.

So when I went back to the Patreon site, I realized that they had changed the game cheats, so here we are. Here’s how you enter the new cheats. It’s really the same method as the previous one that you already know.

For game fans

Let’s start with a particular cheating method: Unlock a new map of Friendly Park Town. It’s an adventure because I’m going to get them from the screen to us.

Using custom die-cut stickers is a great idea. Upload the image of Danny Phantom on the website. You can also customize the stickers he interacts with his friends. Stick them on mobile phones, drinking glasses, tables, and everywhere. You can’t say no to having Danny use his ghostly powers on your laptop to save the day.

You can also use your creativity to make cool Amity Park stickers for sale. This is the hottest game right now. Therefore, it is undoubtedly a profitable business.

You can even stick it on items as a giveaway. Danny fans will love it; drinking water and imagining his interactions with the characters is enough to scream. Keep unlocking now!

Amity Park Cheat Codes

Amity Park Cheats GIF
Amity Park Cheats GIF

New Codes

cheat_code_masterCode = “TruthShadows

cheat_code_all_scenes = “EternalDance

cheat_code_orgone_100 = “PervyMode

cheat_code_LevelUp = “Gamer

cheat_code_money_500 = “Bless

cheat_code_collectables = “CatchEmAll

cheat_code_desiree_outfits = “EcoChic

Old codes

cheat_code_maserCode = “GhostBusters

cheat_code_all_scenes = “PartyTime

cheat_code_orgone_100 = “MaxPerv

cheat_code_LevelUp = “Level9000

cheat_code_money_500 = “GetRichFast

cheat_code_collectables = “CatchThemAll

cheat_code_desiree_outfits = “FashionGreen

PervyVision: Cheat code to unlock all scenes

Strong_Billy: This cheat code gives +100 orgone

HealthJuice: This cheat code gives +100 health

FiveSmackers: This cheat code gives +500 money or cash

Better_INVT: Collectibles code

Mean_Green: Cheat code to unlock new outfits

For Unlock Orgone 100- Strong_Billy

For Unlock Health- HealthJuice

For Unlock 100 orgones – MoarPowah

For Unlock cash of 500 coins – ShinyCoins

For Unlock the ideal outfits – GenieSecret

For Unlock rewatch the opened scenes – Recall

For Unlock build HP – LifeUp

For Unlock watch the collectible – CollAholic

how to enter amity park cheat mode
how to enter Amity Park cheat mode

Steps To Enter Into Amity Park Cheats Mode

Step 1: Open Danny’s Room

Enter Danny's Room
Enter Danny’s Room

I did everything. All you have to do is go into Denny’s room and click on this computer.

Step 2: Click on the Amity Park Logo

Click Amity park Logo
Click the Amity Park Logo

There, alright, so you want to go on to this Amity Park logo. Click on it, and it will bring you up to this main menu, Amity Park f95, with cheats on it.

Step 3: Enter Amity Park Cheat Codes And DONE

Enter amity park cheat code
Enter Amity Park cheat code

Now, there are six cheats, which are going to be displayed here on this screen. So just type in them without the quotation mark.

Example 1

Amity park cheat strong billy
Amity park cheat strong_billy

Here, for example, if you enter ‘strong_billy’ and press enter, it will give you a hundred organs.

Example 2

Amity park cheat HealthJuice
Amity Park Cheat HealthJuice

If you enter ‘HealthJuice,’ this will give you health plus a hundred. So you just have to keep on entering them again and again, and it stacks up, and your character will have a lot of health.

Example 3

Amity park cheat FiveSmackers
Amity Park cheats FiveSmackers

At some point in the Amity Park game, you will be using a lot of money, so for the Amity Park cheats of money; you have to use FiveSmackers that’s the cheat. Just press enter and it will give you money. It will give you 500. So just use the cheat again and again to stack up the money.

Bonus- Amity Park Cheat For All Unlocked

Amity park cheat PervyVision
Amity park cheat PervyVision.

Now, the last three cheats are for collectables, desired outfits, and also unlocking all of this scene. Obviously, I can’t show you the scene and everything, but the Amity Park cheat to unlock all the scenes is called PervyVision. Just enter it, and it will unlock everything. Here, you know if you haven’t unlocked it yet, it will unlock it for you.

Special Notes From Me For Amity Park Cheats

amity park f95
amity park f95

Why would you want to use Amity Park cheats if you can play the game by yourself? Unless you have some ulterior motive, you know. So, for collectables, just enter Better_INVT all in caps. The last is for the desired outfit, and the cheat is Mean_Green. Just press enter, and it will unlock everything in Desiree’s outfits. So that is the Amity Park game cheat for the newest update, 0.75.


I really hope that they pull out, you know, the newest update, where it will continue Amity Park. I am really, really looking forward to that, and you can expect some new gameplay for that; uh, yeah, that is all for this Blog. Hopefully, it will be helpful to everyone who wants to use the Amity Park cheat, and if you stick up until the end of this blog, don’t forget to share it with your gamer friends. If you share, you’re not only helping this site but also gaining benefits from blogs. I will not have any charges, so if you share it, that’s also a cup of tea for me.

If you want to learn Age of Empires 2 Hilelery, Anyway, guys, thank you so much if you’re doing that, it will really mean a lot to me. See you guys again next time. Until then, stay classy.