Men Style Guide: 5 Best Tips For Finding A Perfect Custom Dress Shirt

Men Style Guide

These days, our busy routine keeps us so tangled in our professional life that we don’t get time to go shopping. I mean guys are not usually fond of going on shopping sprees as women are, however, we go straight to our laptops and search for online stores. Shopping online is a far better option than shopping in the malls; you don’t have to figure out what you want. So as a guy, I feel happy to share these interesting tips for finding a perfect dress shirt. Many guys have no idea how to buy a good dress shirt so I thought to share some men style guide tips with you which helped me a lot when I started shopping for myself.

5 Style Guide For Men

Consider The Venue

First, you need to consider the place where you will wear the dres’ shirt. Though dress shirts can be worn everywhere there are some places where you need to be conscious about color and design. So this is essential, you need to think where you would want to wear that custom-made dres shirt because as perfectly as it fits you it should also fit the situation. A made-to-order dress shirt helps you in being confident about yourself, so it will ultimately lead you to success whether it is in your professional life or personal life.

Consider The Season

When do you plan to wear your customized dress shirt? Is it the spring season or the fall season? Yes, seasons do play an important role in your dressing. Just because dress shirts are full sleeves it doesn’t mean that it’s appropriate for all the seasons. My personal advice is to go with a fabric that you are comfortable with. I personally like cotton and cotton-poly fabrics as they are good for all the seasons, wool is also another of my favorites but it is only worn in winters.

Consider The Maintenance

Do you also need to consider this factor of how much time you can invest in maintaining a custom-made dress shirt? Honestly, if you get it made from a professional company then you don’t have to worry too much about the maintenance and Narcissistic Abuse. Do you get your shirts dry cleaned or wash them yourself, careful planning is highly essential if you want to maintain the quality of your dress shirt for a long time?

Buy Custom Made Shirts That Compliment You

Looking best and confident is the main aim of every man, so you have to pay attention to that you buy a custom dress shirt that complements your best features. Just make sure that every element of your shirt suits your body and nothing looks weird. And if you are planning to create your own e-commerce brand then here are the tips that will help you to find how smaller e-commerce brand can scale and succeed

Understand Which Color And Pattern Suit You

This one depends on your choice, if you are a person who is all trendy then try a plaid shirt, however, if you are a classy and versatile type of guy then striped shirts are a better option for you. Checks are also a good option if you want something in between the two.


So in a nutshell, these tips helped me a lot in defining my style as I’m not one of those people who follow style icons. Hope these advice helped you too and if there are any other then please share them with me in the comments.