Top 3 Breitling Bentley Timepieces Of All Time

Top 3 Breitling Bentley Timepieces Of All Time

Without a doubt, Breitling Watches are one of the most classic collaborations between brands. The joint venture provides an incomparable experience for both car and watches enthusiasts, with its long and rich historical inception. It assimilates both the Bently idea and Breitling concept in their byproduct, leading together stunning sports timepieces.

Brief History of Breitling Bentley Watches

The association between Bentley and Breitling watches began in 2002. However, this has only come to completion in 2003. The partnership continues to appear both Bentley’s high-powered automation, and Breitling dedication to accuracy would later manifest to be one of the most desired alliances of all time.

Breitling’s Ingenious Beginnings

Leon Breitling discovered the Swiss Luxury watch company in 1884. He custom-built watches and other measuring mechanisms in his St. Imier studio. This timepiece concentrated on clocks that are at a premium at that time. It was an essential tool in the military, scientific, and industrial fields. More so in athletic fields are into the instrument.

Breitling obtained the patent for a simplified clock in 1889. It highlighted a polished design, well-defined maintenance, and a simple mass-produce process. Moreover, Leon Breitling’s son, Gaston, continued his legacy after he died. In 1915, Gaston created the world’s first wrist chronograph.

This was not the only system the company had prepared. They also manufactured the iconic Breitling Navitimer in 1952. A counterword for “timer” and “navigation,” and it was the novel’s purpose. Its flight-fixed slide rule launched with the Chronomat manufactured a niche for it. And since then, aviators picked Breitling as their top choice of a timepiece.

Top 3 Best Breitling Bentley Watches

Every piece of the Bentley-edition watches from the Breitling collection reflects the production and backscatter of its rich history. From their unique structure to beautiful designs, each timepiece is a classic piece in itself. Plus, these timepieces keep on boost with time. Here are the top 5 Breitling Bentley watches of all time.

The Premier Bentley British Racing Green

This is fundamental among the watches created by Breitling for collaboration. The Breitling Bentley Premier B01 Chronograph is a stunning timepiece. It is crafted to last for a lifetime with its 42mm case in cast iron steel. This Premier is also inspired by the 1929 Blower Bentley, which mirrors the craft in more ways.

First, it reflects the car’s green body in its British racing green dial. Second, it features two tiny chronograph counters in black. These markers mirror the Manufacture Calibre 01 mechanical movement interior. Appear through the transparent sapphire case-back is the autonomous high-performance chronometer-certified automatic caliber motion.

The Limited Edition Premier Bentley Mulliner Chronograph

Bentley’s Continental GT Convertible by Mulliner is not only one of the most robust cars in the market but also a connoisseur’s dream. Its cutting-edge connection inclined by Bentley’s colorful history is desirable, specifically by aficionados. This particular car was a carnival of Bentley’s classic 100 years.

Breitling, as Bentley’s partners, honors this deluxe GT the way they know the finest. The Premier Bentley Mulliner chronograph was crafted with only 1000 pieces in retail outlets. Crafting closely connected with the GT’s blueprint, the timepiece is inspired by the car’s dashboard.

The timepiece features red and blue accents and a blue alligator leather strap as the Continental GT Convertible by Mulliner is distinguished by its red and blue accents. Similar to the car’s dashboard clock, the watch’s sheer-brushed silver clock also stands out. As well as the car’s DNA is the numbers in the Premier.

The Limited Edition Premier Bentley Centenary

Bentley celebrated its 100 years of deluxe motoring excellence in 2019. So, at the Geneva International Motor Show, the Breitling company launched a limited edition watch which is the Breitling Bentley Premier Centenary. They not only celebrate Bentley’s 100th year but also celebrate their incredible partnership.

Bentley cars interior is the interpretation of luxury. Found on the seats, you’ll see a pattern unique only to the Bentley line of cars. Each definite stitch shows luxury and precision. The Diamond quilting is a case of the perusal that goes into all the vehicles the company manufactures. Similar to Bentley seats, the watch has quilted calfskin leather on the straps.

Moreover, the 1929 Blower car’s wooden control panel is stimulated by the brown burl elm clock of the Premier Bentley Centenary. On the contrary, the central clock’s chronograph subdials are in black. This is the white tachymeter scale and red tachymeter carving on a black inner bezel throughout the dial.


The collaboration between Bentley and Breitling is an incomparable feat. It allows every watch and car enthusiast an experience better than anyone else that most collectors look up to. Breitling Bentley’s timepieces are more than the craft of the partnership. It’s an event as well as a journey every person of luxury well earned.