tips for web hosting

Web hosting works as a foundation for your website. It’s essential to host your website on a reliable hosting service as even a minor downtime can hurt your website ranking, brand, and overall business. That’s why it’s always a good idea to take special care while hosting your website. 

You are more likely to fall into the trap of numerous marketing gimmicks played by hosting providers. It’s best to choose trusted brands like Kinsta hosting for your website hosting needs. To help you make a conclusive decision, here are six web hosting tips that you should never ignore while choosing your hosting provider.

Best 6 Tips for web hosting

Stay away from free domain gimmick

free domain

Many web developers and business owners fall prey to the free domain gimmick. They decide to go with a free domain offered by the provider to save some bucks. Sadly, it turns out to be a big mistake. The providers usually own the free domains, and they lend them to you for a katmoviehd while. As your domain is one of your most essential assets, someone else having its ownership can create serious conflicts in the future. It’s like buying your favorite car and giving its ownership to someone else.

Keep your domain and hosting services separate

domain and hosting services separate

Your domain name is the core identity of your website and brand. It is always better to get the domain and hosting from different providers. It doesn’t need to create any problem for you. But, it’s good to purchase your domain from a highly trusted brand to ensure security and authenticity. Your domain is a core component of your business while hosting is a utility for your website, and good to keep them separate.

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Read more reviews

Read more reviews

Reviews can give you valuable insights into the nature of services that the hosting company provides. Apart from the generic reviews, look out for any reviews that stand out from the crowd. Anything that raises red flags needs to be taken into consideration while making your decision. The reviews will tell you more about the product, customer service, tech support, and many inside information and experiences by previous customers.

Find discount offers and commission rebates

Find discount offers and commission rebates.

Never buy your hosting straightaway. Do your research and find various offers and commission rebates that will give you some good discounts on your purchase. Many major brands like Kinsta hosting provide tempting discounts for first-time buyers. Don’t forget to reap the benefits.  

Create your backups too

Create your backups

Though all the hosting providers take regular website backups, it’s good to create your backups too. There’s no doubt that hosting platforms have the highest security against hackers, viruses, and server failures. But, it’s also essential to prepare for worst-case scenarios. You cannot afford to lose any of your data. Hence keeping the regular backups of your website is vital.

Avoid longer contracts for the first time

Avoid longer contracts

No matter how tempting the long-term contracts look from the price point of view, it’s best to take a trial plan and try the service before you decide to go long-term. It will help you understand their service better and give you more time to decide whether to go long-term or not.

These are some of the essential web hosting tips you shouldn’t ignore. Always do your research and get your hosting from a trusted provider.