The IT outsourcing industry is a phenomenon that needs no introduction! What started as a secret ingredient of success for small and mid-sized companies now dominates a major portion of the industry. 

Fast forward to 2021; the pandemic further strengthened the grip of project outsourcing in the market as a faster, more convenient, and cost-effective method to run operations amidst the pandemic. Today, companies prefer the model for outsourcing projects of every shape and size, ranging from website development, applications, and several other digital solutions.

However, a major limitation of the outsourcing influence is limited to its efficiency! There are a few common pitfalls, which, when ignored, can negatively overlook your business.

So, here’s a list of the most common pitfalls that you should avoid while outsourcing website development:

Outsourcing at the correct time:

Outsourcing website development can be a cost-effective idea, especially during this time of running operations with a limited budget. However, none of the factors will come into play when you don’t do it at the correct time.

You need to be certain of your research and the decisions you make. You should always analyze the needed resources and research, in order to understand the audience demographics. In case you’re not prepared, it would only prove to be a shelved project.

Lack of Research:

Lack of research while selecting your outsource partner is yet another outsourcing factor that you should consider. While many startups base their outsourcing decisions purely on cost-efficiency, that shouldn’t be the case!

Most of the immature developers charge peanuts in the name of services. This is where you need to beware. While cost-effectiveness plays a significant role, there are other factors that need to be considered as well. You should always do a background check on the vendor and examine their expertise, portfolio, and reviews.

Principally, only once that you’ve well-researched around the status and background of the vendor you should set up a primary interview. Following that, you can communicate your queries via real-time communication.

Ignoring Cultural and Language Differences:

When you’re operating with a team that’s located halfway across the globe, you’re bound to face difficulties arising from communication and culture distinctions. In such cases, you have to deal with both time zones and the language.

For instance, if you deal with a partner that is nearshore, you’ll have hurdles in operating in a single time zone and communicate with bilingual developers.

Therefore, no matter where you outsource your development project, ensure that your team is able to communicate and understand your demand. Try establishing a channel of communication for seamless communication and real-time updates.

Poor knowledge of the Amends & Laws:

Rule of thumb: Get yourself a lawyer before engaging with any outsourcing company. Many companies jump into business without clearly stating their terms of work on a contract, leading to inefficiency and failure of operations later.

Therefore, you should always ensure you sign a nondisclosure agreement that protects your ideas and keeps them safe. Ensure that you sign an NDA, even before seeking a price quote.

Once you’ve secured the idea, it’s time to consider the IT laws governing the legal systems of you and your vendor’s country. Remember, government regulation is also a necessity in the completion of a project.

Absence of a Technical Personnel

Not having a technical supervisor or authority over your outsourcing team might result in a loss. You need to have proper software development personnel that stays in touch with your remote team and ensures that everything aligns with your business goals.

This tech-savvy person could be your advisor and monitor the project better by seeing through all the technical details.

Stay on the Safer Side of the Deal

To sum up, try avoiding all the pitfalls mentioned in the blog. Also, try preventing project delays of any form. Remember, the software market is dynamic, and there is a vast pool of talent to choose from. Stay precise with your selection process and experience, all the best!