35 Global Brands That Use WordPress As A CMS

wordpress as CMS

WordPress has become much more than just blog software. To realize even large and highly complex sites with millions of visitors each month is not a problem for the flexible solution by Automattic. The worldwide success of the free content management system is unstoppable. About 60% of all websites already running on WordPress. The trend is still rising. This WordPress CMS is the only one with a significant increase in proliferation. All other systems stagnate or even at least lose market share.

This is not because WordPress is easy to use, and developers are almost limitless. Millions serve their visitors with wordpress. Which is why even large and well-known brands rely more and more on wordpress? Today, we present to you a selection of those brands that use wordpress CMS.

It is often claimed that WordPress is primarily a blog software and not suitable for large projects. The following example shows that this statement is false. Each of the mentioned website has millions of monthly visitors. The degree of complexity varies, but there are also highly complex structures.

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35 Global Brands

1. Reuters


The news giant Reuters | Link to website: Reuters.com

2. Vogue USA

Vogue USA

Vogue USA relies on WordPress | Link to website: Vogue USA

3. Time Magazine Online

Time Magazine Online

TIME – Time Magazine Online | Link to website: TIME

4. The Official Website Of Sweden

The Official Website Of Sweden

Sweden’s official website | Link to website: Sweden

5. Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt

Even the fastest man in the world relies on WordPress | Link to website: Usain Bolt

6. Open.NASA


The NASA chose WordPress | Link to website: open.NASA

7. Google Ventures

Google Ventures

The venture capital arm of Google | Link to website: Google Ventures

8. The New York Times Company

The New York Times Company

The corporate website of the New York Times Company, publishers of 2 US national and 16 regional US newspapers | Link to webpage: New York Times Company

9. General Motors – Fastlane Blog

General Motors – Fastlane Blog

FastLane blog of General Motors – here present and future projects are shown. | Link to website:General Motors Fast Lane

10. Sony PlayStation

 Sony PlayStation

The official US Sony Playstation Blog | Link to website: The Sony Playstation Blog

11. Katy Perry

 Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s official website | Link to website: Katy Perry

12. TechCrunch


One of the world’s leading art online magazines ever | Link to website: TechCrunch

13. BBC America

BBC America

The BBC America uses WordPress. | Link to website: BBC America

14. Star Wars News

 Star Wars News

In WordPress you need to set. | Link to website: Star Wars News

15. Coca-Cola France

Coca-Cola France

Coca-Cola France relies on WordPress. | Link to webpage: Coca-Cola France

16. Beyoncé


The official website of Beyoncé | Link to website: Beyoncé

17. The Harvard Business Review Network

The Harvard Business Review Network

The Harvard Business Review Network | Link to website: Harvard Business Review

18. The LinkedIn Blog

 The LinkedIn Blog

The official blog of LinkedIn | Link to website: LinkedIn Blog

19. The Xerox Blogs

 The Xerox Blogs

The Xerox Blogs | Link to website: Xerox Blogs

20. The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones rock by WordPress. | Link to website: The Rolling Stones

21. Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone

Rambo Sylvester Stallone rock (y) t by WordPress. | Link to website: Sylvester Stallone

22 9to5Mac


The most well-known Apple news site in the world like WordPress very much. | Link to website: 9to5Mac

23. Upside Blog Of UPS

Upside Blog Of UPS wordpress cms

The official UPS Blog | Link to website: Upside Blog

24. MTV News

MTV News

The official MTV Blog | Link to website: MTV News

25. Matt Mullenweg

 Matt Mullenweg

Unsurprisingly Matt Mullenweg – the brains behind WordPress | Link to website: Matt Mullenweg

26. Forbes


The official Forbes Blogs | Link to website: Forbes

27. Sony Music

Sony Music

The official Sony Music page | go to web site: Sony Music

28 Facebook Newsroom

 Facebook Newsroom

Facebook Newsroom – official announcements by Facebook, click here. | Go to web site: Facebook Newsroom

29. The eBay Blog

The eBay Blog

The official blog of eBay Inc | Link to website: eBay Blog

30. Nokia Conversations

Nokia Conversations

The Nokia Conversations blog, now part of Microsoft these brands use wordpress cms | Link to website: Nokia Conversations

31 PHILIPS Direct Life

PHILIPS Direct Life

The PHILIPS Direct Lifeblog | Link to website: PHILIPS Direct Life

32. The Mozilla Blog

The Mozilla Blog

The official blog of Mozilla | Link to website: The Mozilla Blog

33. Wall Street Journal Law Blog

Wall Street Journal Law Blog

The Law Blog of The Wall Street Journal | Link to website: Wall Street Journal Law Blog

34. SAP News Center

SAP News Center

SAP News Center | Link to website: SAP News Center

35. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

The largest and best known Web design and developlent blog in the world | Link to website: Smashing Magazine

Large brands use wordpress cms, mostly as a blog or a magazine because they are much larger and more complex than the simple corporate presence. Smashings editor in chief Vitaly Friedman has a comprehensive insight into the work on Smashing Magazine added.