Tips To Buy The Best Upright Freezer For Your Home

Best Upright Freeze

Buying a freezer is not that complicated, but there are some points you must consider before buying one. For example, getting a big freezer thinking that you can store many items inside can become a problem—you may not have the required space to put the fridge, and it may even block the movement of people in your house/shop. If you are looking for an upright fridge freezer, you must consider several aspects.

First, ensure that the freezer is a necessity; second, the utility of the freezer and what you will store in it and for how long. Similarly, you might have to consider a lot more things before buying a freezer.

The points to consider while purchasing an upright fridge are:

Determine your requirements

The formula states that 1,5 cubic feet of space is allocated for each person in your family, and it can hold around 35 pounds/15.8 Kg of food. So, a family of four will need at least a 6-cubic-foot freezer to fulfil their needs. You have to consider the size of your family before buying a fridge.

Use the space available appropriately.

An upright freezer doesn’t take up much space, but you shouldn’t place it in a corner or where there’s no airflow. And keeping the freezer near a hot appliance like oven can result in the freezer malfunctioning. The upright fridge freezer takes up less space compared to a chest freezer. Check the measurement of the freezer before you buy it—a small 8.5 cubic feet freezer will be 58 inches high, 24 inches wide, and 25 inches deep, whereas large 15.5 cubic feet freezers usually have the measurement of 68x28x29 inches.

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Consider your food consumption.

Even though food left in the freezer can stay fresh, it will not stay fresh forever. Some food items begin to dry out within a few weeks, and some meat wrapped and frozen properly can last longer. Whether your family consists of three or seven individuals, you need to stock food accordingly. Ensure that the freezer has the shelves and baskets to store enough food for everybody.

The energy-saving type

An upright fridge freezer is more efficient in saving energy than a chest freezer, though you must confirm the features with the seller. Each time you open the door, the frozen air will flow out, and the temperature will drop suddenly. The freezer must be powerful enough to bring down the temperature and make up for the lost frozen air. In the process, the freezer must use the minimum required energy, and this will be possible only in those freezers that have the Energy Saving tags.


Whatever brand or type of freezer you plan to buy, your budget is a constraint. If your budget is limited, you must first start eliminating the products using the price filter. In the end, if you find a better product that’s slightly beyond your budget but is promising and better than the rest, you must go for it.


Though this point is at the bottom of the list, this is really important, and you must consider a freezer brand that offers a warranty of at least a year. Having a warranty proves that the manufacturers have faith and confidence in their products. You can select the brand that offers the most extended warranty period and after-sales support.

These points are crucial while purchasing a freezer; whether it’s a small one or a bigger one, you need to consider your priorities and budget.

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