Brilliant Email Marketing Strategies That Work Wonders

Brilliant Email Marketing Strategies That Work Wonders

Email marketing isn’t just a commonly used marketing avenue for businesses using modern methods to generate leads. It is one of the most popular marketing methods used today, with figures showing up to 133 billion marketing emails sent every single day. What, you might ask, makes some emails attractive enough actually to be opened by the recipient? 

The answer is simple: use full-service email marketing strategies.

Marketing techniques like segmentation and personalization to better define your customers have remained industry favourites ever since people discovered the immense effectiveness of Digital Marketing. Don’t take this the wrong way, but they’re outdated. For example, it’s no longer as effective to email your new sales offer to a couple of thousand people and hope they’ll open it. Today, you’ve got to worry about things like IP Reputation, properly incentivizing your users, and most importantly, an email list that’s periodically overhauled.

Let’s jump straight into three brilliant email marketing strategies that work wonders:

Use Compelling Offers and Interesting Content to Build Email Lists

Today’s marketers often forget to do a simple thing that’s very crucial to any email marketing strategy: building up a strong email list. Of course, your design might have the best marketing and appeal globally. Still, if your email list consists of entirely the wrong audience, you won’t be getting any effectiveness from your email marketing.

Instead, build up an email list by offering people attractive offers, discounts, and Call-to-Actions over time. You can use any one of the following ways to incentivize customers to give you their emails:

  • You could offer discounts and gift coupons and require an email signup to unlock the offer.
  • In addition, online giveaways and such events are always a good option, as they’re likely to draw huge crowds.
  • Lastly, signing up for newsletters is also a smart option. This factor comes with an additional headache, though, as you have the responsibility of providing high-quality content to retain customer interest. 

Sure, this will take a couple of weeks or months at the least, but building up an email list consisting of the right audience ensures your open rates remain high. 

Keep Your Emails Simple and Relevant

A hundred and twenty. That’s the number of emails an average Internet user gets every single day. With that vast number of emails flooding their inbox every day, your marketing email will need a lot of help to stand out from the crowd. And today, by far, the best way is to keep your emails contextual.

What does that mean? Yes, the temptation to fill your email with as much information as possible is tempting. Still, efficient marketers know that overloading your leads with information is a quick way to lose interest. So instead of listing out huge lists of products, services and prices, keep your emails short and attractive while making sure you’re marketing products to crowds that are interested in them.

Personalize Your Emails and Segment Your Email Lists

Segmentation is a handy tactic, but it only sees its true potential when combined with another, much similar tactic: personalization. Both are based on a simple fact: users will only open emails that appeal to them personally.

Personalization leverages this by first implementing segregation, where email lists are divided by factors like:

  • The age bracket and gender of the recipient.
  • Highly-quality content, quizzes, and surveys to guess customer interests.
  • The purchase history of the recipient.
  • Analysis of the customer’s behaviour while on your website.

After dividing your email list into different categories and segments, design emails that appeal to a specific category. 

For example, you will send marketing emails about men’s grooming products to the male segment of your email list. A slightly more complicated example would be using a survey to guess whether people have dogs or cats and sending marketing emails about different types of pet food to the appropriate segment. The usefulness of segmentation is displayed here, as people with, say, cats wouldn’t open emails about dog food. 

Conclusion: A Roundup of Email Marketing Strategies Covered Here

We could discuss the importance of utilizing the correct email marketing strategy for your platform or service and a hundred other things you’ve read before. Or, and this sounds better, we could round up some of the most critical points covered here, like:

  • Never buy an email list, and instead build a healthy one through marketing campaigns and appealing offers.
  • Send emails that incentivize your users to open your emails instead of spamming their inbox five times a day.
  • Lastly, there are more than 4 billion email users today. Ensure your emails are as high-quality as possible before sending them out!

Follow these full-service email marketing strategies to ensure you get the maximum use out of your email marketing techniques.