Everything About Bovini11 App (Is Bovini11 Gone or Fraud?)

Bovini 11 App Fraud

What is Bovini11?

You may have heard about the online earning app named Bovini. The Bovini app claims that anyone can make money online by just like YouTube videos, Facebook videos, and Instagram videos. They are running an affiliate program that allows making money if you refer the Bovini app to your contacts and you will make money. Another way you can make money with the Bovini app is like a YouTube video and you will get money as per your plan.

Plans and Specifications

Bovini11 app is providing mainly for plants. Bovini app used to say it as VIP level. There are mainly 4 VIP levels as an intern, regular employees, director, and manager. If you are an intern then you will get three tasks per day. To be an intern at Bovini11 App, you don’t need to pay anything to the Bovini App. But if you want to be a regular employee, director or manager you need to pay some amount.

To be a regular employee you need to pay 2000 rupees and you will get 6 tasks per day. And for the director level and manager level, you need to pay 5000 and 12000 as follows. At the director and manager level, you will get 8 and 12 tasks per day. If you clear 8 tasks per day, you will be paid 31 rupees for each task. It means you will get 248 rupees per day at the director level. And you will get 50 rupees per task and complete all 12 tasks then you will be paid 600 rupees per day at a manager level.

Refer and earn

You also can refer the Bovini11 App to your friend and you also can earn extra money. There are three-level ratios for referring and earning. Bovini11 app head defines 15%, 5%, and 3% ratio to earn extra money.

For example, if you are at the manager level then if you prefer your friends or contacts then you will get a 15% commission of 12000, which is 1800 rupees. If your contact preferred another one then you will get 600 rupees. And if the third person refers to the fourth one then you will get 360 rupees.

Now let’s understand it at the director level. If a director refers the Bovini App to is contact then the director will be paid 750 rupees for a first-level referral. And 250 rupees at second level referral. And at the third level, a referral fee will be paid 150 rupees.

How To Start Earning Money With the Bovini11 App

To get started on earning money with the Bovini11 app you need to visit Bovini11.com. you will get an interface that will allow you to sign up on the Bovini11 app. You just need to enter your mobile number verification for the login password and invitation code.

Bovini App Register

Once you sign up on the Bovini app you first need to log in. Just enter your login account details and you will get the interface like below.

Bovini app Login

To start on the money with the Bovini11 app you just need to click on the YouTube Instagram Facebook or Twitter logo.

Bovini App task

In my case, I have clicked on the YouTube logo and you can see there are a lot of tasks that I can complete adding get 12 rupees for the task.

Bovini11 App Task Reciving

You just need to click on the receiving button. Now you have to click on the task button at the bottom of your mobile screen.

Now you need to complete the task that you have received from the YouTube section. To complete the task you need to click on the open the link button and it will redirect to YouTube.

Bovini11 App Screenshot

Nau to main part is you have to like that video and capture screenshots. And go back to the winning eleven apps. Now you have to submit your screenshot to the Bovini app.

Bovini App Earning

By clicking on the submit button you can submit your screenshot to the Bovini app.

And you will get all rupees in your Bank account. Once you complete all the tasks that you have received you will be assigned for audit.

You can check the All task at the audit section that is the right side of the doing section.

Bovini App Audit Screenshot

After it will be complete auditing you will get all the amount that you have earned on with Bovini app.

Bovini 11 App Task Complete Screenshot

You can see now that there are 36 rupees available in my account

Bovini 11 App earning

Once I reach the minimum amount I can withdraw it from my bank account. As of now, the minimum withdrawal amount is 1000 rupees

Is Bovini A Fraud app?

It seems like Bovini is a fraud app. The reason why I am telling you is there it gives a hundred times more amount as compared to other apps. Another reason why I am telling you that this is a fraud app is that now it is delaying all the payments from last one week. IIT Mains from the last one week no one is getting paid even if they are completing the task.

Do I Need To Trust The Bovini App?

No one can declare any sentence about anything without not knowing anything about a thing or a person. So you can make a decision by yourself if I share some data about the Bovini app.

Once I visit a Bovini app website it seems it was created very poorly and it is a low-quality website. You will see many information about the founder and what the app is actually doing on any other website. But I can’t find anything about the founder and registration details of the Bovini11 app. Once I check the reviews about the Bovini app, I’ve got lots of bad reviews online and there are no official contact details or proper contact details available on the website. All the certificates and proofs shown in the Bovini app are fake. I also checked the social media handles of the Bovini app and any social media account is not active.