Top 5 Activities For New Long Island Residents

Long Island Residents

Long Island is one of the most incredible areas in the country, and if it weren’t outshone by the Big Apple, more people would be talking about this fantastic area. So, if you move here: what should be the first things you do?

From enjoying nature to having fun at a vintage amusement park, there are countless activities waiting to welcome you into one of the best cities on earth! 

Activities for New Long Island Residents

Check Out the Coast and Lighthouses

Long Island is home to a coastline that seems to stretch on forever, and peppered along it are countless lighthouses. Many locals like to collect postcards, stickers, and whatever else they can find of their favorite lighthouse: so you need to pick one! This isn’t that serious of a deal, but it’s a fun part of living here and will make you seem like a local if you’re able to name at least one of the lighthouses.

Have Some Fun and Sun at Coney Island

Have Some Fun and Sun at Coney Island

Coney Island might be the most famous attraction on Long Island! This peninsular neighborhood and vintage amusement park will keep everyone excited and eager to take on the world. Surrounded by Brighton and Manhattan Beach, Coney Island is instantly recognizable by its long lines of umbrellas and sprawled-out beach towels on any summer afternoon. If you’re spending your summer working hard looking for Long Island houses for sale, sit back and take a break and enjoy watching the waves roll in at Coney Island!

Enjoy the Massive Botanic Garden

Botanic gardens are a fantastic place to get to take things slow and see things you may have never seen before. The massive one that calls Long Island home has plants from all around the world laid out in a pleasing way that will inspire you to devote entire weekends to exploring them. Open for picnics at some of the open benches; you can enjoy relaxing here with friends and family, catching up on the week’s events while enjoying the beautiful scenery around you. Many of these plants are native and local to the area, which can inspire you to picture what Long Island was like before it became what it is today. 

Support the Historic Park Reserve

Support the Historic Park Reserve

If you want to give back to the community after you move here, it’s time to consider visiting the Caumsett State Historic Park Reserve. This park is home to a historical society that helps support sports and wildlife and has for decades. Taking part in their events and gatherings can help you feel like you’re in a community a lot sooner. 

What’s it Like Living on Long Island?

Although it’s not NYC, Long Island is still expensive. Fortunately, that’s balanced out by the countless live shows, fun entertainment, and numerous things to see and do. Living on Long Island gives you the chance to feel younger for longer and truly fit in while trying new things every day. 

Long Island Is Welcoming to Everyone!

Long Island Is Welcoming to Everyone!

Long Island may be expensive, but it’s also one of the most beautiful areas in the country. From the endless beaches and parks to the gorgeous architecture and fantastic people: you’ll fall in love with this park on sight.